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Bryan Fuller’s HANNIBAL: A Digestif

Bryan Fuller’s HANNIBAL: A Digestif
A look back at Bryan Fuller and Mads Mikkelsen's cannibalistic collaboration.

List of the Oldest Soap Operas of All Time You Should Know About

The first soap opera made an official debut in 1951. However, even today, they are the most popular type of daytime TV shows. Their long history deserves your attention.

Two New Videos Go Behind The Scenes Of BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH

A pair of featurettes go behind the scenes of the revolutionary Black Mirror episode.

New Release Review (VOD) - NEW YEAR, NEW YOU

new year new you review
Old rivalries emerge in sinister fashion as a group of young women gather to ring in the new year.

First Images & Voice Cast Announced For Netflix's THE DARK CRYSTAL

the dark crystal netflix
Netflix have released first look images and cast details for their upcoming The Dark Crystal series.

Netflix Release Trailer & Poster For THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE

Netflix have unveiled the first trailer for Mike Flanagan's Shirley Jackson adaptation.