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The Second Episode of Mein Hai Mera Dil is Out

Mein Hai Mera Dil is a fantastic Indian Soap Opera, viewed by many people in the world. The soap has exciting actors and actresses who make it enjoyable to watch, including the celebrity star, Drashti Dhami. She plays the leading starring role with Arjun Bijlani and other characters. In episode two of the soap, Naina, Drashti Dhami’s name in the soap, faces numerous hardships in her life. However, she is still hopeful and optimistic about her life.

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One of the challenges that Naina faces include that, on her day of engagement, her mother gets a heart attack. The problem is severe because she has to seek medical assistance to get her mom operated instantly. Naina does not have the money to take her mother to the hospital for an operation. Therefore, she requests her brother who resides in Innsbruck to help them with money. Rajiv, her brother, declines the request and state that he is undergoing a financial crisis.

With no option left, Naina decides to seek help from the Mehra Charitable Trust. It is an institution that offers the donation and voluntary support to the individuals who want heart surgery in the region.

Later on in the episode, they introduce Arjun Bijlani as a new character with the stage name Raghav Mehra. Additionally, the soap introduces Raghav Mehra’s family. Raghav comes from the family that funds the Mehra Charitable Trust. Naina decides to make a personal call to the Mehra Charitable Trust to seek for help. Coincidentally, Raghav picks the phone call, and they have the first conversation with Naina.

Initially, in the conversation, confusion erupts, and Raghav views Naina as his perfect match. However, the confusion is over, and Raghav decides to help her in the operation of her mother. The heart surgery is successful. The episode ends after Naina, and Raghav Mehra meets. The episode leaves the viewers with suspense on what the fate holds for the two in the foreign land, Innsbruck, Austria.

The setting of Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil in Innsbruck, Austria is perfect because the region has an excellent combination of the city life and nature. The area is unique because it has stunning views, clean water from the mountains and awesome climatic conditions. These reasons make the Soap attractive and exciting to watch.