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List of the Oldest Soap Operas of All Time You Should Know About

The first soap opera made an official debut in 1951. However, even today, they are the most popular type of daytime TV shows. Their long history deserves your attention.

Infographic Ranks the Vehicles of James Bond

james bond car
Infographic gives a detailed breakdown of 007's various modes of transport.

Infographic Highlights The Stats Of 13 Horror Directors

horror directors infographic
If you’re looking to plan a horror movie watch party, these directors are a good place to start. Wow your friends with facts about the top 13 horror directors of all time.

Infographic - 10 Famous Places You Can Stay Overnight From The Movies

the shining hotel
It’s easy to get lost in the plot of your favorite film, but have you ever wondered where some of them actually took place?

Infographic Explores The Disney & Twentieth Century Fox Merger

A new infographic highlights the impact of Disney's acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox.

Infographic - How To Make A Blockbuster On A Budget

the blair witch project
A new infographic looks at the tricks to success in low budget filmmaking.

Infographic Highlights Film's Famous Back Seats

on the waterfront
A new infographic looks at famous movies scenes that have played out on the back seats of cars.

Infographic Prices Horror's Haunted Homes

A new infographic appraises some of horror's most infamous residences.