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Why DC’s Stargirl Is the Hero We Need Right Now


In a world flush with superhero content, DC's Stargirl delivers a captivating storyline that feels like a breath of fresh air. Between being a teenage girl, having a rocky relationship with her stepfather, not having superpowers, and struggling to navigate the complexities of dating as a teen, the leading character in this popular series has something everyone can relate to.


Courtney Whitmore is trying to live life as a normal teenage girl when her world gets turned upside down as her mother gets remarried, and the whole family moves from Las Angeles to Nebraska. Even worse, Courtney isn't exactly fond of her new stepdad, Pat Dugan. The new Stargirl series by executive producer Geoff Johns explores themes such as divorce and blended families, bringing to the fore a story that viewers can truly relate to.

Origin Story

It all begins when Courtney, while exploring old boxes stored in the attic, discovers evidence that her stepfather used to be Stripesy, the sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid. In an effort to tease him for being an adult sidekick to a teenager, she wears a Star-Spangled Kid inspired outfit to a school dance. Little did she know that she and Pat would end up having to save the dance from an evil villain. She then assumes the role of Stargirl, filling the shoes of the Star-Spangled Kid, with her stepdad at her side.


The best part about Stargirl may be that she has no superpowers. She's a regular kid who happens to fight crime. Of course, she is aided by some fancy technology that makes her faster and stronger. She also inherits a weapon from Starman that grants her additional powers, such as flight. Stargirl shows viewers that you don't have to be alien or have magic powers to be special.


What does the future hold for Courtney Whitmore? She'll be teaming up with the Justice Society of America in her new series. This will bring some familiar, yet underrepresented, heroes to your screen, including Green Lantern and the Flash, as well as other heroes you may not have heard of.


Stargirl will be one of the few female characters to join the male-dominated Justice Society of America. She's also one of very few child heroes. In other words, she's a great character for young girls to look up to. The crime-fighting duo of Courtney and her stepfather also shakes up the usual power dynamic of heroes and sidekicks. Stargirl is only the second DC hero to be a child with an adult sidekick. The first was Star-Spangled Kid, whose sidekick was also Pat. This relationship is an entertaining, fun way to teach kids to challenge the status quo.

As Stargirl, Courtney Whitmore is a DC character like no other. Her background of moving to a strange, new place, adjusting to a new family and learning to love her new stepdad is one many people can relate to on a personal level. Most importantly, she shows viewers that even a kid with no superpowers can save the world, all while bringing a little girl-power to the DC universe.