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[Infographic] Repairing the Basements of Famous Horror and Adventure Movies and TV

john wick basement
Infographic explores the issues and fixes of a host of movie and TV basements.

Basements have been a key element of a variety of horror and adventure movies and TV shows over the years. In real life, many basements can have problems, including problems that mirror those in these flicks. However, what if the movies and TV shows took a realistic approach and tried to fix their problems? Here are some of the most famous horror and adventure movies and TV shows with basement problems, along with a summary of what it would take to fix them. 

Stranger Things

Extremely popular TV show Stranger Things spends a pretty decent amount of time in the Wheeler basement. During this time, a demon breaks through one of the walls and you can notice some major power issues, evidenced through the basement lights.

What’s the solution? First off, it would be important to check for foundation damage because of the wall breaking. As long as the foundation is still solid, you would have to fix the drywall, then upgrade the breaker box for better power distribution.

The Goonies

This adventure-comedy movie follows a group of kids who try to unearth a long-lost pirate fortune. Chunk, one of the kids, ends up chained in a basement with Sloth, a member of the Fratelli family. They break out together, causing structural damage; later in the movie, an underground grotto also caves in.

To repair this basement, the main problem would be repairing the stonework in the home. The underground grotto caving in would create a sinkhole, so a foundation repair expert would also have to fill in the sinkhole.


In one of the crucial Ghostbusters scenes, an EPA inspector orders a Con Ed electrician to cut the power to the building of the Ghostbusters' office. The containment unit explodes, creating extreme foundation damage.

To fix this problem, a foundation repair expert would definitely need to get in and add piering and wall stabilization. Additionally, the root of the problem had to do with the generator; installing a backup generator could help prevent it from happening again.

Wayne’s World

A major conflict between Wayne and his parents is the fact that every Friday night, he gets together with Garth and broadcasts a live show. It can get pretty loud in the basement, and it’s clear his parents don’t necessarily approve.

What’s the solution? Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any actual damage in the basement. Wayne and his parents would just need to work out a method of soundproofing the basement, probably with the help of a construction crew.

John Wick

At one point, John Wick goes down into his basement and uses a sledgehammer to dig up a stash of weapons he had buried at a previous time. This required him to make a pretty significant dent in his basement concrete.

The concrete in your basement has a lot to do with your foundation stability, which means fixing this problem would require a full foundation assessment. As long as the foundation is structurally sound, an expert would then need to repour the entire concrete slab of the basement.


While Wayne Manor’s Batcave is definitely pretty cool-looking, any basement repair expert watching the Batcave scenes would probably have an anxiety attack. The underground waterfall may look interesting and the bat infestation may be thematically appropriate, but neither of them are healthy for the basement as a whole.

Getting a thoughtful pest control expert could help Bruce Wayne control the bat infestation, ideally while killing as few bats as possible. With a foundation repair expert, that excess moisture from the underground waterfall can stop harming Wayne Manor’s foundation, especially because it’s probably causing mold growth.


Even if you don’t have these very fantastical basement problems, chances are there’s something in your basement that you’re not giving your full attention. Don’t make the same mistake these adventure enthusiasts did — make sure you pay attention to the problems your basement is experiencing so you can fix them early on.