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Infographic - 10 Famous Places You Can Stay Overnight From The Movies

the shining hotel
It’s easy to get lost in the plot of your favorite film, but have you ever wondered where some of them actually took place?

Turns out, you can book an overnight stay at some of the most impressive and iconic movie sets. From Harry Potter and Star Wars to Mission Impossible and Lord of the Rings, these films feature legendary scenes that were filmed in real locations still standing today.

Travel search engine rounded up a list of 10 famous film locations that you can visit and even spend an overnight stay. No matter your budget, you can plan an awesome movie-centric vacation and find yourself right back in your favourite movie.

For the action-oriented, organise a trip to Dubai if you’re interested in staying at the incredible Armani Hotel, where Tom Cruise scaled the tallest building in the world in the 4th film of Mission Impossible. Those that favour the classics will appreciate Taj Lake Palace in India, which is featured as Octopussy’s lair in the 1983 James Bond film. Secluded, ornamental and absolutely iconic.

Whether your family splits in debate when it comes to Team Gryffindor or Team Slytherin, all can admire the magic found in the Great Hall seen throughout the Harry Potter series. If Lord of the Rings is more your style when it comes to alternate realities, then New Zealand is a must to visit The Shire, where the LOTR Hobbits found home in grassy farm holes. Experience a rural farm stay that features good food, times and company.

Thrillers your thing? Don’t miss out on paying a visit to The Stanley Hotel, which inspired the psychological horror film The Shining. No need to worry, the hotel now operates as a retreat centre, blending historic charm and modern amenities.

Read on to check out even more movies and fun facts about the locations they were filmed in!

10 famous places you can stay overnight infographic