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Now On Netflix - THE GUILTY

the guilty review
Assigned to emergency services dispatch duty while under investigation, a Copenhagen cop becomes invested in the plight of an abducted woman.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE DEATH OF DICK LONG

the death of dick long review
Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don't want anybody finding out how. That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama.

Interview - THE BASTARDS' FIG TREE Director Ana Murugarren

ana murugarren
We spoke to Spanish filmmaker Ana Murugarren about what’s been billed as the next Pan’s Labyrinth.

Robert Altman's COME BACK TO THE 5 & DIME, JIMMY DEAN, JIMMY DEAN To Make Its UK Blu-Ray Debut

Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
Altman's ensemble drama comes to UK blu-ray in July.

First Look Review - #LIKE

#like film review
A teenager abducts the man she believes drove her younger sister to suicide.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE NIGHTINGALE

the nightingale review
In 1820’s Tasmania, a young Irish convict enlists the help of an Aboriginal tracker to seek revenge on the British officers who took everything away from her.

First Trailer & Poster For RAMBO: LAST BLOOD

rambo last blood
Sylvester Stallone returns to the iconic role of John Rambo.

First Trailer For Ensemble Crime Drama THE KITCHEN

the kitchen movie
First look at the '70s set crime drama.

New Release Review - MA

ma review
A middle-aged woman befriends a group of teens, but her sinister intentions soon become clear.

First Trailer For Shark Sequel 47 METRES DOWN: UNCAGED

First look at the upcoming sequel to the 2017 shark thriller.

Sundance London 2019 Review - ANIMALS

animals 2019 film review
A pair of young women begin to question their hedonistic lifestyle.

First Trailer For Peter Strickland's IN FABRIC

in fabric
Strickland's latest love letter to European genre cinema arrives in June.

New Release Review - THUNDER ROAD

thunder road review
In the aftermath of his mother's death and undergoing a painful custody battle, a cop's mental state deteriorates.

Sundance London 2019 Review - THE FAREWELL

the farewell review
A Chinese-American woman returns to China when her grandmother is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, a condition kept as a secret from the matriarch.
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