Watch the Debut Trailer For BETTER CALL SAUL Season Two

Season Two of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series Better Call Saul, consisting of 10 episodes, will premiere exclusively on Netflix on Tuesday 16th February 2016. Here's the debut trailer.

First Look Review - Marvel's JESSICA JONES

We got an early look at the first seven episodes of Netflix's upcoming original series.

Watch the trailer for HEMLOCK GROVE Season Three

Courtesy of Netflix, we've got the trailer for the third season of their original series Hemlock Grove.

Top 10 Book to Box Set Adaptations

The day that your favourite book gets taken page by page and adapted for the small screen can be a life changing one.  It can affect your life in one of two ways, there is the best way – your favourite book becomes your favourite box set and you are hooked, spending a minimum of two days glued to the sofa or the worst way – your favourite characters are obliterated by a mis-casting or obscure production choice.

Top 5 DC Comics TV Shows

Superheroes have been leaping off the printed page and onto the small screen for as long as television has been in existence, and there’s never been a better time for comic book fans to binge on the TV exploits of their favourite crime-fighting characters with dozens of new projects in production.


French crime drama, coming to Blu-Ray and DVD October 5th from Arrow Films.

TV's 10 creepiest towns

To mark the DVD release of Wayward Pines on 17th August, we’re taking a look at the locations of some of TV’s creepiest towns…
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