Documentary Review - School of Babel

A year long look at a class of non French speaking immigrants in a special Parisian school.

DVD Review - To Go Viking

A documentary looking at the world of Viking role-players.

Blu-ray Review - 20,000 Days on Earth

Documentary portrait of Nick Cave.

Documentary Review - Project Wild Thing

One man's quest to get kids out of their bedrooms and back into nature.

Documentary Review - Finding Vivian Maier

Investigation into posthumously acclaimed amateur photographer Vivian Maier.

Documentary Review - The Unknown Known

The former US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, recounts his time in Washington.

Documentary Review - 20 Feet from Stardom

A look at the world of backing singers.

Documentary Review - Tim's Vermeer

An engineer with no artistic training attempts to recreate the unique work of the famed Dutch painter through scientific methods.

DVD Review - Muscle Shoals (2013)

Documentary on the iconic Alabama recording studio.

Documentary Review - Journal de France

Profile of French photographer, Raymond Depardon.

Documentary Review - The Stuart Hall Project (DVD)

An examination of cultural theorist and founder of The New Left Review, Stuart Hall.

Documentary Review - The Armstrong Lie

The rise and fall of cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Documentary Review - Teenage

A look at the development of the teenager over the last century.

Documentary Review - Lion Ark

Investigation into the treatment of circus lions in Bolivia.

Documentary Review - My Amityville Horror

Investigation of the events that inspired the iconic horror movie.

Documentary Review - The Irish Pub

A look at the great Irish institution - the local pub.

Documentary Review - Rewind This!

A nostalgic look at the golden age of VHS and the format's status among collectors today.

Documentary Review - The Act of Killing

A group of mass-murderers recreate their crimes for a low-budget film.

Documentary Review - Stories We Tell

Sarah Polley examines her family's reaction to her mother's infidelity.

Documentary Review - Side by Side

Directed by: Christopher Kenneally

Keanu Reeves hosts this look at the digital video revolution.
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