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New to VOD - HOARD

New to VOD - HOARD
A teen who grew up with a hoarder mother regresses to her messy ways upon the arrival of her foster mother's former charge.

New Release Review - GREEN BORDER

Green Border review
A family of Syrian refugees find themselves stuck between the borders of Belarus and Poland.

New Release Review - THE EXORCISM

The Exorcism review
An actor begins to mentally unravel while shooting a horror movie.

New Release Review - ARCADIAN

Arcadian review
A father and his sons battle night-dwelling creatures in a post-apocalyptic future.

New Release Review - THE WATCHED

The Watched review
Four strangers are trapped in a building in the remote woods of western Ireland, where mysterious creatures stalk them by night.

New to Cinemas - RIDDLE OF FIRE

New to Cinemas - RIDDLE OF FIRE
A trip to a local store turns into a quest for a trio of mischievous children.

New Release Review - THE G

A retiree with a shady past seeks revenge against a corrupt legal guardian.

New Release Review - SORCERY

Sorcery review
In 1880s Chile a young indigenous girl turns to witchcraft to avenge her father's murder.

New Release Review - THE MOOR

The Moor review
A grieving father, a podcaster and a pair of psychics search the Yorkshire moors for the body of a boy abducted 25 years earlier.

New Release Review - THE DEAD DON’T HURT

The Dead Don't Hurt review
When her lover leaves to fight in the US Civil War, a European immigrant is left to fend for herself.

New Release Review - HERE

Here review
As he prepare to leave Brussels, a Romanian construction worker bonds with a young Chinese-Belgian woman.

New Release Review - STING

New Release Review - STING
The residents of a Brooklyn brownstone are terrorised by a spider from space.

New Release Review - THE BEAST

The Beast review
A woman experiences her past lives as she undergoes a treatment to cleanse her of emotion.

New Release Review - A HOUSE IN JERUSALEM

A House in Jerusalem review
A young British girl relocates with her father to Jerusalem, where she befriends a Palestinian girl only she can see.

New Release Review - IN FLAMES

New Release Review - IN FLAMES
mother and daughter are menaced by figures from their past following the death of their family's patriarch.


Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In review
A young immigrant finds himself at the centre of a gang war in 1980s Hong Kong's infamous Kowloon Walled City.

New Release Review - FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga review
young enslaved Furiosa is caught up in a battle between two tyrants as she tries to make her way home across the wasteland.

New Release Review - THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1

The Strangers: Chapter 1 review
young couple is terrorised by seemingly random strangers when at a remote AirBnB.