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Interview - THE VIRTUOSO Director Nick Stagliano

the virtuoso
Director Nick Stagliano on his new thriller and working with screen legend Anthony Hopkins.

Interview - KILLER ADVICE Star Kate Watson

kate watson
Hawaiian born Kate Watson (Psycho BFF, Collision Earth, Her Deadly Groom) tells us about her beginnings, her wild new thriller Killer Advice, and just how many times the former Ballet dancer has watched Center Stage.

Interview - LA MACABRE and ARMY OF THE DEAD Star Christina Wren

christina wren
From Clark to Cutler, Batman v. Superman’s Christina Wren fills us in on her latest role, that of computer expert JP Cutler in the new series L.A Macabre.

Capturing Hepburn: The Cinematography of AUDREY: MORE THAN AN ICON

Audrey: More Than An Icon
Director of Photography Simona Susnea on her approach to capturing the new Audrey Hepburn doc's ballet sequences.