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Interview - KILLER ADVICE Star Kate Watson

kate watson
Hawaiian born Kate Watson (Psycho BFF, Collision Earth, Her Deadly Groom) tells us about her beginnings, her wild new thriller Killer Advice, and just how many times the former Ballet dancer has watched Center Stage.

In Lifetime thriller Killer AdviceBeth (Kate Watson) suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends suggest she see a therapist to help her cope. However, her new therapist gives her more than she bargained for.

We spoke to Watson about the movie and her background.

kate watson

I know you started in Ballet, is that right!?

Yes! I started studying Ballet around the age of four. I’m immensely grateful to have dance as my foundation. Understanding the mind-body connection and balance between creative discipline and surrender continues to serve today.


How many times have you watched Center Stage, then!?

Ha! Several! Fun fact, I actually attended the same Ballet school in Hawaii as the film's leading actress, Amanda Schull. She’s great.


Do you still dance?

I no longer take classes, but I still love dancing every chance I get! Great music always invites me to move.


Was there a big film community in Hawaii? Did you get your start there?

Today there are several shows shooting there, and feature films consistently travel there to shoot. When I was growing up there, there certainly wasn’t as much. I’ll never forget seeing Jurassic Park for the first time. The beauty of the Na Pali Coast on a big screen immediately filled me with pride.


Killer Advice looks like a very slick thriller. How did you get involved?

Thank you! The production company, Mutiny Films, and I partnered on a film at the end of the previous year. The filmmakers of Killer Advice reached out, I read the script, and immediately felt connected.


What makes your character Beth tick, do you think?

Beth is resilient. At her core, she deeply loves her family, even though at times that can be incredibly complicated. She struggles between tending to the needs of her demanding job, family, and herself.


Without giving anything away, is there a twist to the story? We love a good twist!

Twists and turns! Who doesn’t love a good surprise?


What’s the latest Lifetime film you watched?

I love smart, complicated, character driven stories. I’m a big true crime show fan and believe it or not, films on Lifetime reflect so many of those gut-wrenching, twisted, yet poignant stories. Stockholm, Pennsylvania is completely unnerving.


Did you see the one Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig did?

Oh, yes! A Deadly Adoption. I haven’t seen it. Should I?


For a laugh! Ha! Would you say Killer Advice, and other Lifetime movies, are aimed at a specific audience?

I love that Lifetime advocates for strong narratives around women, but I’m always thrilled to hear from anyone who connects with a film and enjoys it.


The Lifetime films do cover serious territory at times. Was that part of the appeal with Killer Advice, that it offered you the chance to play a strong woman who overcomes something very traumatic?

This film was certainly an undertaking, as it tackles subjects like mental health and trauma. As an actor, the appeal was simply the rollercoaster ride of emotions I knew I would have to go on throughout this story. And from a storyteller's perspective, mental health and trauma are incredibly common, yet something we still don’t converse enough about.


Do you have any favourite thrillers? Maybe something that would make a good double feature with Killer Advice?

I love so many, but Promising Young Woman is next on my list! Her Deadly Groom might be a fun double feature. Beth and Alison are very different, delicately fierce characters.


Killer Advice premieres Friday February 5th on Lifetime.