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Interview - THE HEX Star Mari Molefe van Heerden

Mari Molefe van Heerden
We spoke with the star of the acclaimed South African horror movie.

In director Reine Swart's supernatural thriller The Hex, a grieving woman discovers that her mother's murder has ties to a South African witch doctor's curse.

We spoke with the actress who plays said witch doctor, Mari Molefe van Heerden.

Mari Molefe van Heerden

Why acting? What is it that draws you to performance-art, Mari?

I guess as a child I always enjoyed entertaining my family and being silly.  Always the joker and performer.  I naturally drifted into acting, because with acting you are never only one thing or person.  You can explore the entire world and be a different character or person everyday.


And was it a particular film, TV series or filmmaker that motivated you to move into the profession?

Like said before, acting found me at a very early stage of my life, before I even knew who and how films were made.  I always wanted to perform and studying acting was the best thing I could do.


The Hex is a wonderfully creepy horror movie. Is it the type of film you’d normally be attracted to doing?

The Hex was my first horror feature that I was involved with, but I’ve always dreamed of being in one, as it is one of my favourite genres. Now, I'm even more hooked as I understand a little more of how it is done.


Though entertaining, it’s also a very grounded movie. Was that part of the appeal?

Thank you. Yes, it definitely was. It's a slow burner with down to earth characters dealing with extraordinary situations. A theme in the movie that makes it grounded is looking at various ways different people deal with loss, making the audience pool a bit bigger as different people will be able to connect with the film and its characters.


It must have been a real hoot playing the witch doctor, too?

I enjoyed playing the witch doctor the most, even though it was hella challenging. Being transformed with the makeup and wardrobe made it easy and fun to portray her. Our super talented makeup artist, Lieschen de Koch, put prosthetics on my face and a lot of makeup and it made me look completely different.


Was this one of the first films you’ve been in that’s been widely released in the U.S?

Yes, this is the very first, but hopefully not the last.


Has it started to open doors for you as both an actor and producer?

With Covid really changing the way our industry performs in South Africa, and how it challenged the entire film and television industry, it's hard to get acting and other opportunities. As The Hex only released a couple of months ago, I am hopeful that it will definitely open doors.

The Hex is on US VOD now. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.