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Interview - LA MACABRE and ARMY OF THE DEAD Star Christina Wren

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From Clark to Cutler, Batman v. Superman’s Christina Wren fills us in on her latest role, that of computer expert JP Cutler in the new series L.A Macabre.

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You’re fantastic in L.A Macabre.  What interested you about Cutler?

Oh, thank you, that’s very kind. I really enjoyed playing the role! JP is incredibly brave and whip smart while also being playful. She doesn’t ask for permission; she confidently knows what her skills are and is willing to risk her own well-being for the good of people that quite frankly she doesn’t know very well. A good neighbour. She’s got a pure heart while still being street smart, and I like that.


Where does Cutler end and Christina Wren begin?

Hmm, you know as an actor I really dive into the world of my characters and try to learn who they are, how they’d respond in a moment, so it’s hard to say where I am in her exactly. After I do my character prep, on set I aim to live as honestly in the moment as I can and so hopefully truth shines through.


Where did the show shoot? Did it require relocating?

We filmed in Los Angeles and I was living there at the time so it was an easy trip to set!


What was the most difficult part of shooting there?

The heat at times? But mostly filming in SoCal offers you great locations and weather.


I have to ask, what is Army of the Dead : Lost Vegas?

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is Zack Snyder’s new anime series for Netflix. It’s a spinoff of the world he’s created in the live action film, Army of the Dead. And it’s gonna be awesome.


And who do you share most of your scenes with?

You know, I can’t say much but I will just say I’m so freaking excited about it. I was incredibly touched that Zack thought of me again. I absolutely adored the role, the scripts are phenomenal, and his team is always such a joy to work with. Getting to play with them was such a bright spot in this crazy time.


You’ve worked with Zack Snyder a couple of times now.  He’s a beloved man.  What makes him so ‘spesh’ in your opinion?

He really is legit spesh. He is so pleasant, number one. He’s kind and enthusiastic about the work. The sets he runs have a real community vibe while being so top of the line. He’s serious and precise about the work but communicates thoughtfully and warmly. He engages personally with his cast and crew. He builds genuine relationships with the people he works with. We get coffee sometimes, bump into each other with our families and kids. He’s real people and so it’s easy to connect. I feel really honoured to know him.


What does 2021 hold in store for you?

Hopefully a Covid vaccine? And also, my husband Demetrius and I have a production company, Two Kids with a Camera, and we have a feature we plan to shoot in March. This one is his baby and I have to say, the concept is really fucking cool. It’s set in a future when Earth is no longer habitable and a woman from a space colony gets plunged back through whatever is left of the atmosphere after an explosion and has to find a way to survive. As an actor, it’s a dream. He’s currently deep in Castaway and The Revenant as he finishes the script and I just can’t wait to play!


L.A Macabre is now available on Amazon Prime in the US. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.