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New to Amazon Prime Video - WINCHESTER

winchester review
Heiress Sarah Winchester constructs an elaborate, ever evolving mansion designed to keep out evil spirits.

New Trailer and Poster for Iranian Horror THE NIGHT

the night
First look at the directorial debut from Iranian filmmaker Kourosh Ahari.

Film Maudit 2.0 2021 Review - THE COLUMNIST

the columnist review
A writer hunts down and murders those responsible for online harassment.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - THE CALL

the call review
Teens are offered the chance to win a fortune if they answer a sinister phone call.

New to Netflix - SPREE

spree review
Desperate for internet fame, a rideshare driver livestreams the murders of his passengers.

New to Netflix - THE VIGIL

the vigil review
A former Hasidic Jew experiences a night of terror when agrees to watch over the body of a deceased Holocaust survivor.

New Release Review [Digital] - LET’S SCARE JULIE

Let’s Scare Julie review
A group of teenage girls get a surprise when they attempt to play a prank on a neighbour.