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Re-Release Review - MR. KLEIN

mr klein review
An art dealer profitting from the flight of Jews from wartime Paris finds himself mistaken for a Jewish man.

New Release Review [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital] - SOUND OF VIOLENCE

sound of violence review
Seeking to recreate the euphoria she experienced during a horrific incident in her childhood, a young woman turns to murder.

New Release Review [Cinema/Digital] - MINAMATA

minamata review
Photographer W. Eugene Smith travels to Japan to document the effects of a ruthless chemical company's pollution.

New Release Review [VOD] - FINDING OPHELIA

finding ophelia review
Fantasy and reality blur when an ad exec becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman.

New Release Review [Digital] - A PERFECT ENEMY

a perfect enemy review
Stuck in an airport lounge, an uptight architect is harassed by a mysterious young woman.

New Release Review [Digital] - LAPSIS

lapsis review
In the near future, a man desperate for money takes a job laying cables in forested terrain.

ReRelease Review - WEST 11

west 11 review
A listless young man considers murder to escape his malaise.


nomadland review
When her company town dissolves, a woman hits the roads of America in search of work.

New Release Review [Digital] - SAFE INSIDE

A pair of American lovers find themselves trapped in a sinister scenario when they take a job as groundskeepers at a French estate.

New Release Review [Digital] - FLASHBACK

flashback review
Plagued by hallucinations, a young man investigates the disappearance of a girl he knew in high school.

New Release Review [Digital] - END OF SENTENCE

end of sentence review
An estranged father and son travel to Ireland to scatter the ashes of their wife/mother.

New Release Review [VOD] - VOICES

voices review
A woman tries to solve the mystery of the voices of lost souls that have been speaking to her since childhood.