New Release Review - INSIDE OUT

A journey inside the mind of a young girl, and the five emotions who control her.

Teaser trailer and first look image for Pixar's Inside Out

Disney have given us a first look image and teaser trailer for Pixar's highly awaited Inside Out.

Summer 2013 Animation Preview

In a summer exploding with sequels, reboots and potential franchise starters, one couldn’t be blamed for forgetting the animated films being released in the coming months.  'Man of Steel', 'The Lone Ranger', and 'Pacific Rim' are just a few of the many summer hopefuls that are appearing on many want-to-see lists.  Even so, one shouldn’t overlook the animation field, which is constantly expanding, and this summer is no exception.  Here are the 5 biggest animated films of this summer.

The 5 Best Animated Films Of 2012

Our Animation correspondent Joshua Mitchell discusses his picks of 2012.
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