The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Joshua LF Mitchell

New Release Review - HIDDEN FIGURES

The story of the mathematicians behind NASA's first manned space missions.

New Release Review - MOANA

A teenage girl embarks on a quest to remove the curse that has stricken her island home.


A delinquent orphan and his foster father go on the run in the New Zealand bush.

New Release Review - LONG WAY NORTH

A teenage girl sets off on a sea-faring adventure to find her grandfather's lost ship.

Waffling With Writer/Producer/Comic Book Creator Ryan Colucci

We chatted with comic book creator and movie producer Ryan Colucci, currently in post-production on his hand-drawn animated film, Orient City: Ronin & The Princess.

New Release Review - ZOOTROPOLIS

In a city of animals, a rookie cop fights prejudice while trying to crack a major case.