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Three Vegas Thrillers You Might Have Missed

Three Vegas Thrillers You Might Have Missed

When it comes to cities providing the backdrop for American movies, arguably only New York and Los Angeles have proven more popular with filmmakers than Las Vegas. With its flashing neon strips, 24-hour casinos and the surrounding desert, Vegas is one of America's most visually iconic cities.

Several thrillers have chosen Vegas as their setting, and we're taking a look at three you might have overlooked. If you want to experience some Vegas style thrills without leaving home, head over to 22Bet login and create some thrills without the danger the characters in the following movies get themselves into.

Wild Card

If Jason Statham is headlining a movie you know it's going to feature some bone-breaking action, especially if it's fromt he director of Con Air, Simon West. 2015's Wild Card is based on the novel Heat by acclaimed screenwriter William Goldman, which had previously been made with Burt Reynolds in 1986. Statham fills Reynolds' shoes here but foregoes a mustache. He plays Nick Wild, a Vegas-based bodyguard who spends his nights in the local casinos. When an escort friend of Wild's is assaulted by some gangsters, he sets out to track down the men responsible, resulting in a bloody climax.

Hostel: Part III

While the first two entries in the gruesome Hostel series had been set in Eastern Europe, the franchise returned to home soil for a Vegas-set third instalment. Directed by Scott Spiegel, who knows a thing or two about horror having co-written '80s classic Evil Dead II, the film follows the formula of the first two movies. Four men attending a bachelor party in Vegas are seduced by a pair of hookers who invite them to a "private party." This leads to the quartet becoming the prey in a hunt organised by a group of rich hunters. You'll be watching through your fingers by the end.

Kill Me Again

In the late '80s and '90s director John Dahl almost single-handedly revived the dormant film noir genre with movies like Red Rock West, The Last Seduction and 1989's Kill Me Again. The latter stars real life couple Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, along with future Reservoir Dog Michael Madsen. Madsen and Whalley-Kilmer play Vince and Fay, a criminal couple who steal a large sum from a Vegas mobster. When Fay absconds with the money she hires private investigator Jack Andrews (Kilmer) to fake her death. When Fay cheats Jack out of his earnings, he follows her to Vegas, but and angry Vince isn't far behind. It all leads to classic downbeat noir ending.