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Two Spanish Gambling Movies You May Have Missed

Two Spanish Gambling Movies You May Have Missed

Movies about gambling have emerged from practically every corner of the world. As evidenced by the popularity of sites like 20Bet, Spanish speakers enjoy gambling as much as anyone. It's no surprise then that two of the most compelling movies about gambling have come out of Spain. Here we take a look at two you might have missed.


Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is probably best known for directing the zombie sequel 28 Weeks Later, but he established his reputation with the 2001 sci-fi thriller Intacto. The film stars Max Von Sydow (The Exorcist) as Samuel, a holocaust survivor whose luck has led to him owning a casino. To ensure his customers don't win big, Samuel employs Federico (Eusebio Poncela), who possesses the supernatural ability to steal people's luck simply by touching them. When Samuel sacks Federico and removes his powers in the process, Federico seeks revenge. He does this by tracking down a plane crash survivor who is said to be the luckiest man alive. The two engage in increasingly dangerous underground bets, leading to a climactic game of Russian Roulette with Samuel.

Winning Streak

More light-hearted is 2012's Winning Streak. Directed by Eduard Cortés and co-written with Piti Español, the film is based on the real life antics of professional gambler Gonzalo García-Pelayo Segovia, played by Lluís Homar. When Gonzalo devises a way to win at a local casino, he enlists his family to pull off the con. This sees him head down a dangerous path by enraging the casino's owner, ominously known as "The Beast" (Eduard Fernández). In real life Gonzalo devised a statistics-and-betting system that would see him net over €1.2 million in winnings at the roulette wheel. This made him and his family the enemy of every casino owner in the world, with one Vegas casino even threatening Gonzalo at gunpoint to stop playing.