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Waffling With... Actress ANGELA GOTS

90210 star Angela Gots spoke to TMW about her role in new thriller Snapshot.

Interview by Troy Balmayer

Did you always want your Snapshot character to open the box?

I think there was an extreme hesitation about opening the box because it would mean Arianna having to face real closure with her father being gone.

Was there anything from Snapshot you learnt as an actress?

Aside from learning that working with great people such as Bob Borneman, Ken Del Vecchio and Eric Etebari makes movie making that much more fun…
I learned about the value of rehearsing. I am usually on the fence about it, but from Snapshot I learned how much easier it is to build a sense of history between characters even just having a few days previously to chat and get to know the other actors.

How long did the film take to shoot and did Eric Etebari give you free reign on playing Arianna or did he give notes for her character?

About 12 days.
Eric is certainly an actor's director. He encouraged all actors to really give their own input on how they felt about a scene. Eric would let the actor roll with their ideas and then he would fill any blank spaces. If he felt it was going off in the wrong way, he would gently bring the actor back to find their intention in the scene. It was great to be a part of that kind of inspiring working climate. And he is a really spectacular problem solver as well.

Concerning the narrative and the theme of media attention, what do you think about the obsessions with capturing fame in real life society?

I believe this film was meant to stimulate conversation about an individual's right to privacy vs. the public's right to be informed about celebrity figures at the individual's expense.
It's inspired by a young man, Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after having had personal photos of himself exposed. In the movie there are many shots with a bridge in the background as an homage to Tyler having jumped off a bridge in suicide.
It's a film to remind us of our inner moral compass, to make us look at the inner question of how far would we push our ideals at another person’s expense for the sake of financial gain.

What do you think the First Lady gave to your character as a wedding present?

It may lead us to a sequel so I can’t reveal that yet.

Snapshot hits DVD May 19th