Waffling With MAID TO ORDER Star Katie Carpenter

katie carpenter maid to order
Ahead of the second season of web-series Maid to Order, we chat with its star and writer.

Waffling With BAD FRANK Director Tony Germinario

Tony Germinario
The writer-director chats about his background and his new thriller.

Waffling With TSUNAMBEE Star Stacy Pederson

The star of the cult monster movie talks about her role and the horror genre.

Waffling With WONDER WOMAN Star Chris Pine

Chris Pine on entering the DC Universe with his role in Wonder Woman.

Waffling With Director Justin Robert Vinall

As the unsettling short This Pretty Face debuts at the Seattle Short Film Festival, we caught up with writer/director Justin Robert Vindall about make up, horror influences and our obsession with the way we look.

Waffling With Filmmaker Katherine Canty

Following our recent five star review of her melancholic short January Hymn, we waffled with writer/director Katherine Canty about starting out as a film maker, the nuance of anxiety and why unpaid interning should be illegal…

Waffling With Legendary Italian Horror Composer Fabio Frizzi

We chatted with the iconic Italian composer, currently on a tour of live performances.
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