Waffling With DANCE BABY DANCE Writer/Director/Star Stephen Kogon

dance baby dance
Four years in the making, Dance Baby Dance offered multi-talented performer Stephen Kogon the chance to write, direct, produce, act and… tap!

Waffling With THE DEVIL'S WELL Director Kurtis Spieler

the devil's well
Kurtis Spieler, the captain of the nail-biting new horror pic The Devil’s Well, talks us through the important marketing tools required to pimp an independent horror movie.

Waffling With THE RIZEN Star Laura Swift

laura swift the rizen
Proficient stuntwoman turned actress Laura Swift (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Snowman) tells us about fighting zombies in Matt Mitchell’s The Rizen, now available on VOD through Uncork’d Entertainment.

Waffling With SASQ-WATCH! Director Drew Hall

Drew Hall, director of the new comedy Sasq-watch!, tells us why filmmaking fuels him, his comedy idols, and what lies ahead for 2018.

Waffling With SPENT Director Lisa Mikitarian

spent movie
Lisa Mikitarian's feature directorial debut Spent, about an unliked husband father whose brain tumour comes good on July 4th, opens this Friday at the Arena Cinelounge and On Demand.

Waffling With APOCALYPSE ROAD Director Brett Bentman

brett bentman
Now on VOD, Brett Bentman’s Apocalypse Road fixes on two sisters who are separated in post-apocalyptic future. It’s a tense, tense ride…

Waffling With THE BLESSED ONES Director Patrick O'Bell

An isolated cult prepare for the prophesied apocalypse in Patrick O’Bell’s frightening The Blessed Ones, now available on Amazon Prime from Wild Eye Releasing.

Waffling With THE CUTLASS Director Darisha Beresford

darisha beresford
Director Darisha Beresford on bringing her true-life thriller to the screen.

Waffling With Actor Baron Jay

baron jay
The comic star discusses his career and latest film, The Condo.

Waffling With SIGHTINGS Director Dallas Morgan

Writer-director Dallas Morgan’s unnerving supernatural thriller Sightings premieres on VOD this November.

Shark Expert Richard Peirce Talks CAGE DIVE & Sharks On Screen

cage dive
With Cage Dive now on DVD, a leading shark expert discusses the portrayal of sharks on screen.

Waffling With BOJACK HORSEMAN Composer Jesse Novak

bojack horseman
We spoke with composer Jesse Novak, best known for his work on Netflix animation BoJack Horseman.

Waffling With CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS Director Tony Jopia

Chilean-born filmmaker Tony Jopia follows up his 2015 horror flick Crying Wolf with another fun mesh of frights and fun, Cute Little Buggers.
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