Waffling With LOWLIFE Star Nicki Micheaux

nicki micheaux
We chat with actress Nicki Micheaux, star of the horror festival hit Lowlife.

Waffling With WONDER WOMAN Star Eugene Brave Rock

eugene brave rock wonder woman
We chatted with stunt performer/actor Eugene Brave Rock, best known to audiences for his role in Wonder Woman.

Waffling With BEYOND THE TREK Director Ian Truitner

ian truitner
Beam up one of the most exciting science-fiction adventures of the month, Beyond the Trek available September 5th from Screen Media.

Waffling With Horror Star Victoria De Mare

victoria de mare
Victoria chats about her ongoing role in horror comedy series Killjoy and her future projects.

Waffling With ANTI MATTER Director Keir Burrows

keir burrows anti matter
Director Keir Burrows discusses his sci-fi thriller.

Waffling With THE CROPSEY INCIDENT Director Julian Grant (Audio)

the cropsey incident
Writer-director Julian Grant talks about his latest horror and his prolific career in the industry.

Waffling With CIRCUS KANE Star Tim Abell

circus kane
Actor Tim Abell chats about his role in the new Chistopher Olen-Ray horror Circus Kane.

Waffling With DEATH WAITS FOR NO MAN Director Armin Siljkovic

death waits for no man
Writer/director Armin Siljkovic discusses his upcoming thriller.

Waffling With PHOENIX FORGOTTEN Star Florence Hartigan

Florence Hartigan
The actress chats about her role in the Ridley Scott produced found footage sci-fi thriller.

Waffling With CAMP COLD BROOK Writer Alex Carl

With the Joe Dante produced Cold Camp Brook entering production, we chat with its screenwriter.

Waffling With Actress Deanna Russo

deanna russo
Actress Deanna Russo chats about her favourite roles and her upcoming thriller The Ice Cream Truck.

Waffling With BONEJANGLES Star/Writer Keith Melcher

Keith Melcher on Bonejangles' trilogy, his proposed Friday the 13th reboot and his love of Marvel movies.

Waffling With MAID TO ORDER Star Katie Carpenter

katie carpenter maid to order
Ahead of the second season of web-series Maid to Order, we chat with its star and writer.

Waffling With BAD FRANK Director Tony Germinario

Tony Germinario
The writer-director chats about his background and his new thriller.
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