Waffling With... The Mansa Mojo Brothas

We spoke to Artii Smith and Phil W Simon, the writing/directing duo better known as The Mansa Mojo Brothas!

Waffling With... Actress Leticia Jimenez

We chatted with the upcoming star, currently seen in Intruders and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.

HEIST Director SCOTT MANN Discusses His Action Influences

To celebrate the release of star-studded new action movie Heist, we learn about the biggest action influences from British director Scott Mann, ranging from 1980s classics to modern day gems, all of which paved the way for this ambitious and faced paced ride you won’t want to miss...

Waffling With... Actress ASHLEY PARK

We chatted with actress and newly crowned Miss Asia USA Ashley Park.

Waffling With... Holy Horror Expert Rev. Peter Laws

With The Vatican Tapes hitting DVD on January 4th, Baptist Minister and horror buff Reverend Peter Laws discusses the exorcism sub-genre.


Writer/director Guillermo Amoedo chats about his career, influences, and working with Eli Roth.

Waffling With... ADEEL AKHTAR

We chatted with the star of TV's River and Utopia, and movies like Four Lions, Convenience and Pan.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT Director David Gelb’s Favourite Horror Flicks

Halloween is as good a time as any to huddle under the duvet and revisit your favourite scary films. To celebrate creepy new back-from-the-dead horror The Lazarus Effect, director David Gelb shares his personal favourites from one of the best loved genres of all time…

Filmmakers and stars reveal their favourite horror movie moments!

We asked some of our filmmaking friends to tell us about the movie scenes they find the scariest. Here are their answers...

Waffling With... BACKWATER writer-director CHRISTOPHER SCHRACK

Writer-director Christopher Schrack discusses his upcoming thriller, Backwater, which hits DVD November.


Director Robert Conway chats about his upcoming seasonal horror movie Krampus: The Reckoning, hitting DVD November 3rd.

Waffling With...Actress JENNIFER LAPORTE

We chatted to rising star Jennifer Laporte about her role in the new horror comedy Clinger.

Waffling With...Stuntman turned director MIKE MAYHALL

We chatted to the Jake's Road director about performing stunts in major Hollywood productions and making the switch to directing.

Waffling With...BILL ALLEN, star of '80s cult hit RAD

We chatted to actor Bill Allen about his role in the cult '80s BMX movie RAD, his career in movies and TV, and his upcoming return to the world of BMX.

Waffling With DOOMSDAY director Neil Johnson

Director Neil Johnson chats about his new time travel drama Doomsday, his background and future projects.

Waffling With... ROBOT OVERLORDS writer Mark Stay

British sci-fi flick Robot Overlords is out on DVD/Blu-ray now, and we spoke to its writer Mark Stay.

Waffling With... FURIOUS director TIM EVERITT

With the '80s cult classic Furious finally hitting DVD from Leomark, we spoke to its director Tim Everitt.
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