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Dublin International Film Festival 2024 Review - SLEEP

Sleep review
An expectant mother fears something sinister is behind her husband's increasingly disturbing nocturnal habits.

Dublin International Film Festival 2024 Review - RED ROOMS

Red Rooms review
A model obsessively searches the dark web for evidence that will convict a serial killer.

New Release Review - MONOLITH

New Release Review - MONOLITH
A podcaster is sucked into a conspiracy that may threaten her life.

New Release Review - HISTORY OF EVIL

History of Evil review
In a near future dystopian America, a political fugitive hides out in a house with a dark past.

New to Prime Video - IMAGES

images 1972 review
While staying at a home in rural Ireland, a children's author experiences a series of increasingly disturbing hallucinations.

New Release Review - DELIVER US

Deliver Us review
A priest flees with a nun pregnant with twins believed to be the messiah and antichrist.