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New Release Review - LONGLEGS

Longlegs review
An FBI agent comes to believe she may have a personal connection to a serial killer.

New Release Review - MAXXXINE

Maxxxine review
A rising movie star is targeted by a serial killer in 1980s Los Angeles.

New Release Review - SHAYDA

Shayda review
An Iranian refugee's new life in Australia is threatened by the appearance of her estranged husband.

New Release Review - SLEEP

New Release Review - SLEEP
An expectant mother fears something sinister is behind her husband's increasingly disturbing nocturnal habits.

New Release Review - IN A VIOLENT NATURE

New Release Review - IN A VIOLENT NATURE
A group of campers unwittingly resurrect a dead killer.

New Release Review - HUNDREDS OF BEAVERS

Lost in a frozen wilderness, a salesman battles a whole lot of beavers.


A teen who grew up with a hoarder mother regresses to her messy ways upon the arrival of her foster mother's former charge.

Re-Release Review - THE CONVERSATION

The Conversation review
A surveillance expert believes the couple he's been hired to spy on are in mortal danger.

New Release Review - A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE

A Quiet Place: Day One review
Earth is invaded by aliens who use sound to track down their human victims.

New Release Review - ROSE

woman plagued by mental health issues accompanies her sister on a trip to Paris, the city where her troubles originated.

New Release Review - GREEN BORDER

Green Border review
A family of Syrian refugees find themselves stuck between the borders of Belarus and Poland.

New Release Review - THE EXORCISM

The Exorcism review
An actor begins to mentally unravel while shooting a horror movie.

New Release Review - ARCADIAN

Arcadian review
A father and his sons battle night-dwelling creatures in a post-apocalyptic future.