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New Release Review - US

us film review
A family is menaced by what appears to be their doppelgangers.

New Release Review (VOD) - HUNTER

hunter movie review
A homeless ex-MMA fighter battles the vampires who killed his family.

Restoring The Films Of José Larraz

Arrow Video have restored three works from Spanish auteur José Larraz.

Blu-Ray Review - CANNIBAL TERROR (1980)

cannibal terror review
Kidnappers find themselves on the menu when they hide out in a South American jungle.

New Release Review - THE PRODIGY

the prodigy movie review
Shot dead by police, a serial killer reincarnates as an infant boy.

Jess Franco's Infamous DEVIL HUNTER Makes Its UK Blu-Ray Debut In April

devil hunter
88 Films are to release Franco's deranged cannibal flick on blu this April.


await further instructions review
A family's Christmas is disturbed when a mysterious force quarantines them inside their home, delivering instructions through their TV set.

[Update] Stephen King's CUJO Makes Its UK Blu-Ray Debut In April [New Trailer]

cujo dee wallace
The 1983 Stephen King adaptation comes to UK blu-ray this April courtesy of Eureka Entertainment.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - PATIENT 001

patient 001 review
Believing him as good as dead, a woman gives birth to a clone of her husband, but trouble rises when her spouse awakens from his coma.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - THE HOUSE

the house film review
In WWII Norway, two German soldiers and their prisoner seek shelter in an empty cabin that houses a dark secret.
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