New Release Review - MOTHER!

mother! review
An expectant mother is hounded by a series of unwanted houseguests.

Stephen King Introduces The Losers' Club In New IT Featurette

it movie 2017
Stephen King, director Andres Muschietti and the young cast of It feature in a new promo.

Watch The Trailer For The Remake Of Francis Ford Coppola's DEMENTIA 13

dementia 13 2017
A trailer has emerged for the upcoming remake of Coppola's cult thriller.

New Release Review - KILLING GROUND

killing ground movie review
Tourists in backwoods Australia are terrorised by a pair of sadistic killers.

11 Minute Video Analyses PAN'S LABYRINTH

pan's labyrinth
A new video explores the themes of Guillermo Del Toro's fantasy.

New Release Review - IT

it movie 2017 review
First installment of a two-part adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

New Release Review - THE VAULT

the vault movie review
A gang of armed robbers discover more than they bargained for in the basement vault of a bank.
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