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New Release Review [Digital] - LUZ

luz movie review
Pursued by a demon, a young cab-driver staggers into a German police station.

New Release Review [Shudder] - CONFESSIONAL

confessional shudder review
In the aftermath of two mysterious deaths on campus, seven students are forced to enter a high-tech confessional booth.

Interview - DRIVEN Writer/Star Casey Dillard

casey dillard interview
We speak to the writer and star of the new car-bound horror movie.

New Release Review [Digital] - THE FINAL WISH

the final wish review
A struggling law graduate discovers an urn among his late father's possessions, which grants his every wish.

New Release Review [Blu-Ray/Digital] - I SEE YOU

i see you review
In a town plagued by child abductions, a troubled family experience strange occurrences in their home.

New Trailer and Poster for Janelle Monáe Starring Horror ANTEBELLUM

Janelle Monáe antebellum
Check out the latest trailer and artwork for the Janelle Monáe headlined thriller.

First Look Review - HUMAN ZOO

human zoo review
Contestants on a twisted reality show compete to see who can stay in solitary confinement the longest.