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New Release Review [Digital/VOD] - SPUTNIK

sputnik review
In 1983, a cosmonaut returns to Earth, unaware that his body is hosting an alien symbiote.

First Look Review - SONG WITHOUT A NAME

song without a name review
A mother looks for her kidnapped child in 1980s Peru with the help of a lonely journalist.


the whistlers review
A crooked Romanian cop becomes embroiled in a money-laundering scheme on a Spanish island with its own curious language.

New Release Review [Cinema/VOD] - PAPICHA

papicha review
Amid the Algerian civil war, a young fashion student attempts to enjoy life on her own terms.

New Trailer and Poster for Greek Horror ENTWINED

entwined movie
First look at the directorial debut of Greek filmmaker Minos Nikolakakis.

New Release Review [Cinema] - PROXIMA

An astronaut contends with the physical rigours of her training and the emotional toil of leaving her daughter behind on Earth.