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New Release Review [VOD] - SYSTEM CRASHER

system crasher review
A troubled nine-year-old girl finds herself trapped in Germany's child welfare system.


end of the century review
After spending a day together in Barcelona, two men realize they may have met years earlier.

New Release Review - KOKO-DI KOKO-DA

koko-di koko-da review
A grieving husband and wife are forced to endure a nightmarish loop on a trip to the woods.

Dublin International Film Festival 2020 Review - THE TRUTH

the truth review
An aging actress upsets her daughter with the false accounts of their relationship presented in her newly published memoirs.

New Release Review - IMMORTAL HERO

immortal hero review
Following a near death experience, a Japanese man spreads the word of God and makes a few quid in the process.

Dublin International Film Festival 2020 Review - THE DOMAIN

the domain review
Amid political and personal turmoil, a landowner struggles to keep his estate afloat and his family together.

Dublin International Film Festival 2020 Review - PROXIMA

proxima review
An astronaut contends with the physical rigours of her training and the emotional toil of leaving her daughter behind on Earth.

Dublin International Film Festival 2020 Review - IF YOU ARE HAPPY

if you are happy review
A teacher desperately attempts to raise the money for a deposit on a decrepit house in a sought after Shanghai school district.