New Release Review - JEUNE FEMME

jeune femme movie review
A thirtysomething attempts to find her feet following the breakup of a long-term relationship.

First Look Review - AVA

ava iranian film review
An Iranian teen rebels against the conservative nature of her family and society.

New Release Review - REVENGE

revenge matilda lutz film review
A young woman takes violent revenge against the men who raped her and left for dead.

New Release Review - THE WOUND

the wound film review
A young South African man is forced to undergo an ancient tribal initiation.

New Release Review - LET THE SUNSHINE IN

A middle-aged Parisian woman negotiates a series of failed romantic relationships.

New UK Trailer For Godard Biopic REDOUBTABLE

Michel Hazanavicius's playful tribute to the Swiss filmmaker comes to UK cinemas in May.

New Release Review - CUSTODY

custody xavier legrand review
A divorced father becomes increasingly volatile in his interactions with his family.
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