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The Enduring Horror Of Hideo Nakata's RINGU

ringu film review
With a new 4K restoration of Ringu hitting UK cinemas and blu-ray in March, we look back at Hideo Nakata's seminal thriller.

New Release Review - BORDER

border film review
A lonely customs officer meets a mysterious man who shares her odd facial features.

First Look Review - HOLIDAY

holiday isabella eklof review
A gangster's trophy girlfriend weighs up the pros and cons of her lifestyle.

New Release Review - NINA

nina movie review
An infertile teacher falls for the young woman she wishes to become a surrogate mother for the child she can't have herself.

Blu-Ray Review - OPERA (1987)

opera argento review
A masked killer targets those connected with a production of Verdi's Macbeth.

New Release Review - THE HOUSE BY THE SEA

the house by the sea review
Three aging siblings return to their childhood home when their father suffers a stroke.
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