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Interview - 10/31 PART II Producer Rocky Gray

10/31 part 2
Producer Rocky Gray discusses his new horror anthology.

10/31 Part II is the second instalment of the popular Halloween themed anthologies that taps the best directors, actors and composers from the indie film world and brings them all together to make one terrifying feature.

On Demand and Digital from Terror Films, the film stars Jennifer Nangle, Anastasia Elfman, David E. McMahon, Tim Robinson, Rhema Srihartiti and London Grace.

"As a huge fan of horror growing up, especially anthologies like Creepshow and Tales From the Crypt, I was thrilled to be able to work with a group of such talented writers, directors and actors to make our own anthology film come to life," says producer Rocky Gray.

10/31 part 2 poster

What a fun bunch of stories!  When did you come up with the idea, or was it yours?

Thank you! Each of the directors come with their own ideas and we flesh it out together and nail down the best way to go about making their vision a reality.


Did you, as the producer, sit down to watch similar films before the shoot?

No, we just do what we think is cool and hope others will enjoy it as much as we did.


What were your main responsibilities on this one?

I am the Producer and Composer.


I know you can’t speak for the other filmmakers but do you know if any of their shorts were inspired by any horror classics?

I’m not really sure about that.


The cinematography is dynamite here. How important was that to you?

The cinematography can really elevate the film. We don’t always have the luxury of being able to afford the best Cinematographers but I think we’ve been lucky to have directors that have a great team with them to get a great look.


And sound. A major component of any horror film. Who gets props for that?

I compose all of the music and engineer the final sound mix of all the segments.


If you had to choose a standout segment, which one would it be?

Really I couldn’t pick just one. There is something I love about all of them.


Let’s talk horror. Favourite horror film of the year?

Hmmm. There’s been a couple good ones so far. I’m sure I’m forgetting about a bunch of movies but Censor, Werewolves Within and Fear Street were cool.


Anything you’re especially looking forward to?

Halloween Kills for sure and Malignant looks like it will be good.


And what’s the greatest horror film of all time?

Hands down that title goes to The Exorcist.