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First Look Review - YOU GO TO MY HEAD

you go to my head review
An amnesiac woman is duped into believing she is the wife of a reclusive architect.

First Look Review - JOSÉ

jose review
A gay teen in Guatemala embarks on a secret relationship with an immigrant.

First Look Review - THE WAVE

the wave review
A lawyer’s perception of the world is completely altered after a dose of a hallucinogen on a night out.

First Look Review - LES MISÉRABLES

les miserables 2019 review
Transferred to a tough Parisian suburb, an idealistic cop finds himself caught up in tensions between his colleagues and the local community.

First Look Review - ANOTHER WOMAN

another woman review
A stress-ridden doctor attempts to win back her husband after he leaves her for a young fitness instructor.

First Look Review - SPIRAL FARM

spiral farm review
When two outsiders arrive on an isolated intentional community, 17-year old Anahita begins to question her role at home, and what a future out in the world-at-large could be.

IFI French Film Festival 2019 Review - CARWASH

carwash review
A pair of hoodlums imprison a car wash owner while they run his business for a month.

IFI French Film Festival 2019 Review - AMANDA

amanda review
When his sister is killed in a terrorist attack, a young man is charged with caring for his niece.

IFI French Film Festival 2019 Review - FAREWELL TO THE NIGHT

farewell to the night review
A young man steals money from his grandmother to fund a trip to Syria, where he hopes to join up with ISIS.
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