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you were never really here review
A violent security officer is tasked with retrieving a politician's kidnapped daughter.

Now On Netflix - ARCTIC

arctic review
Stranded in the Arctic, a plane crash survivor comes across an injured woman who shares his predicament.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - KNIVES OUT

knives out review
A detective investigates the suspicious death of the patriarch of a wealthy family.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - COLOR OUT OF SPACE

color out of space review
When a mysterious sphere from space crashes into a small town, a series of bizarre occurrences is set in motion.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - SYNCHRONIC

synchronic review
A paramedic experiments with a designer drug connected to the disappearance of his colleague's daughter.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - SAINT MAUD

saint maud review
A fanatically religious nurse becomes obsessed with saving the soul of the dying woman in her care.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - LITTLE JOE

little joe review
Scientists develop a plant whose scent becomes addictive for those exposed to it.

London Film Festival 2019 Review - THE WHISTLERS

the whistlers review
A crooked Romanian cop becomes embroiled in a money-laundering scheme on a Spanish island with its own curious language.

New Release Review - ANIARA

aniara review
When a spaceship bound for Mars is thrown off course, the passengers become increasingly dependent on a computer that allows them to experience memories of Earth.


the sisters brothers review
In the Old West, a pair of outlaw brothers are hired to track down a chemist.

Now On Netflix - NATIVE

native review
A pair of scientists travel the universe in search of the source of a mysterious transmission.

Sundance London 2019 Review - AFTER THE WEDDING

after the wedding review
The manager of a struggling orphanage confronts her past when she seeks a meeting with a potential benefactor.

Sundance London 2019 Review - CORPORATE ANIMALS

corporate animals review
A company's bonding trip goes awry when staff and management find themselves trapped in a cave.
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