New Release Review - STANLEY, A MAN OF VARIETY

An institutionalised man hallucinates interactions with stars of British entertainment's past.

New Release Review - HEREDITARY

hereditary movie review
Following her mother's death, a woman fears she may have inherited a family curse.

New Release Review - BREAKING IN

breaking in movie review
A mother attempts to rescue her children from a fortress like home where they are being held by burglars.

New Release Review - TULLY

tully review
A struggling mother bonds with the young nanny she hires to help with her newborn child.

New Release Review - I KILL GIANTS

i kill giants review
A troubled teen retreats into a fantasy world to escape the reality of her life.

New Release Review - ISLE OF DOGS

isle of dogs review
When Japan's dogs are exiled to an island, a young boy attempts to retrieve his pet pooch.

New Release Review - NATIVE

native film review
A pair of scientists travel the universe in search of the source of a mysterious transmission.

New Release Review - THE MERCY

the mercy review
The true story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst's solo attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

New Release Review - LIES WE TELL

lies we tell review
A Muslim lawyer attempts to free her teenage sister from a pending arranged marriage to a violent gangster.

New Release Review - THE COMMUTER

the commuter review
Having just lost his job, a commuter becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy on a New York train.
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