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Sundance London 2019 Review - AFTER THE WEDDING

after the wedding review
The manager of a struggling orphanage confronts her past when she seeks a meeting with a potential benefactor.

Sundance London 2019 Review - CORPORATE ANIMALS

corporate animals review
A company's bonding trip goes awry when staff and management find themselves trapped in a cave.

20 Years Of THE MATRIX

the matrix review
As The Matrix turns 20, we look back at the Wachowski's cult sci-fi actioner.

New Release Review - ARCTIC

arctic mads mikkelsen review
Stranded in the Arctic, a plane crash survivor comes across an injured woman who shares his predicament.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - PROSPECT

prospect movie review
A father and daughter run into trouble while prospecting on a mysterious planet.

New Release Review - THE PRODIGY

the prodigy movie review
Shot dead by police, a serial killer reincarnates as an infant boy.

The Enduring Horror Of Hideo Nakata's RINGU

ringu film review
With a new 4K restoration of Ringu hitting UK cinemas and blu-ray in March, we look back at Hideo Nakata's seminal thriller.

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - LUCIFERINA

luciferina review
A novice nun accompanies her friends on a trip in search of a plant with hallucinogenic powers.

London Film Festival 2018 Review - SCHOOL'S OUT

school's out film review
A substitute teacher takes a position at a prestigious school following a faculty member's mysterious suicide.

London Film Festival 2018 Review - THE NIGHTSHIFTER

the nightshifter review
A morgue attendant who can communicate with the dead learns a troubling truth regarding his marriage.
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