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New Release Review [Digital] - LET’S SCARE JULIE

Let’s Scare Julie review
A group of teenage girls get a surprise when they attempt to play a prank on a neighbour.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - CHRONICAL: 2067

chronical 2067 review
A young man travels forward in time in an attempt to find a solution to Earth's rapidly depleting supply of oxygen.

New to Netflix - THE WHISTLERS

the whistlers review
A crooked Romanian cop becomes embroiled in a money-laundering scheme on a Spanish island with its own curious language.


assassination nation review
The residents of Salem hunt down the four teenage girls they suspect of leaking their secrets.

BFI London Film Festival 2020 Review - SUPERNOVA

supernova review
When one of them is diagnosed with dementia, two gay lovers take a road trip around England.

New Release Review [Cinema] - SAINT MAUD

saint maud review
A fanatically religious nurse becomes obsessed with saving the soul of the dying woman in her care.

New to Netflix - THE HANDMAIDEN

the handmaiden review
In 1930s Korea, a pickpocket and a con-man team up to swindle a Japanese noble-woman.

New to Netflix - AFTER THE WEDDING

after the wedding review
The manager of a struggling orphanage confronts her past when she seeks a meeting with a potential benefactor.

New Release Review [DVD/VOD/Digital] - MORTAL

mortal review
While exploring his ancestral roots in Norway, an American discovers he possesses strange and deadly powers.

New Release Review [DVD/Digital] - THE ASSENT

the assent review
When his young son begins behaving strangely, a mentally troubled father enlists the aid of a disgraced exorcist.

New Release Review [Digital] - DEAD DICKS

dead dicks review
A mentally troubled man is 'reborn' whenever he commits suicide, only to leave a fresh corpse behind every time he does so.

New to Netflix - HEREDITARY

hereditary review
Following her mother's death, a woman fears she may have inherited a family curse.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - LITTLE JOE

little joe review
Scientists develop a plant whose scent becomes addictive for those exposed to it.

New Release Review [VOD] - MNEMOPHRENIA

mnemophrenia review
The prevalence of Virtual Reality leads to a condition where users are no longer able to distinguish between real and artificial memories.

New Release Review [Digital] - LUZ

luz movie review
Pursued by a demon, a young cab-driver staggers into a German police station.