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Blu-Ray Review - NIGHTFALL (1956)

nightfall review
A photographer and a model go on the run when the former's past catches up with him.

Now On Netflix - THE MUMMY

the mummy review
A mummified Egyptian princess returns to life and wreaks havoc.

New Release Review - SUNSET

sunset film review
In 1910 Budapest, a young woman uncovers a conspiracy revolving around the department store once owned by her family.

Blu-Ray Review - THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944)

the woman in the window review
A college professor commits murder in self defense and attempts to cover his involvement in the crime.

Now On Netflix - BLOOD FATHER

blood father review
An ex-con goes on the run with his daughter when she finds herself hunted by a Mexican cartel.

Blu-Ray Review - THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS (1967)

the night of the generals review
A Nazi general is suspected of being the culprit behind the murders of prostitutes.

New Release Review - LATE NIGHT

late night review
An aspiring female comic joins the writers' room of a failing late night talk show.

New Release Review - HIGH LIFE

high life review
Tensions rise between a group of convicts floating through space.


the haunting of sharon tate review
In the days leading to her murder, actress Sharon Tate begins having nightmarish premonitions.
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