The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Eric Hillis


First Look Review - FLUX GOURMET

flux gourmet review
An art collective spends a month long residency at an exclusive institute.

New to Prime Video - RICHARD JEWELL

richard jewell review
A security guard who saved lives during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics becomes the FBI's prime suspect.

New Release Review [Shudder] - REVEALER

revealer review
A stripper and a religious protester must work together to survive the apocalypse.


benediction review
Biopic of English poet Siegfried Sassoon.

New to VOD - WOLF

wolf review
A young man who believes he's a wolf enters a sinister institute.


we summon the darkness review
In 1988, three young women take a trip to a heavy metal concert amid a wave of satanic killings.

New to Shudder - SEA FEVER

sea fever review
A mysterious sea creature attacks the crew of a fishing trawler.

Tribeca 2022 Review - YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER

you can live forever review
Two lesbian teenagers attempt to keep their relationship secret from their Jehovah's Witness community.

New to Prime Video - WILDFIRE

wildfire review
Having disappeared for a year, a troubled woman returns to her home in Northern Ireland, rekindling her intense bond with her sister.

Tribeca 2022 Review - BLAZE

blaze review
A young girl retreats into a fantasy world after witnessing a violent crime.

Tribeca 2022 Review - WE MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD

We Might As Well Be Dead review
The well-maintained order of an exclusive apartment block begins to break down when a dog goes missing.

New to Prime Video - WILDLIFE

wildlife review
When his father leaves home for work, a teenager watches as his mother embarks on an affair.

New Release Review [AppleTV+] - CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH

cha cha real smooth review
A college graduate turned bar mitzvah DJ falls for a single mother.