New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - TOMBOY

tomboy the assignment review
A hitman seeks revenge on the surgeon who reassigned his physical gender.

New Release Review - MAN DOWN

man down movie review
A soldier hunts for his wife and son in a post-apocalyptic America.

New Release Review - THE VOID

the void review
A group of individuals become trapped in a hospital and menaced by a mysterious group.

New Release Review - LIFE

life movie review
A newly discovered lifeform runs amok on the International Space Station.

Blu-Ray Review - THE PROUD VALLEY (1940)

the proud valley blu-ray review
An American drifter finds himself in a small Welsh community threatened by the closure of the local mine.

New Release Review - THE LOST CITY OF Z

The story of explorer Percy Fawcett's obsessive quest to find a lost city in the Bolivian jungle.

Blu-Ray Review - TWO RODE TOGETHER (1961)

A corrupt Marshall teams up with a cavalry officer to retrieve children abducted by the Comanche.

New Release Review - CATFIGHT

A violent feud explodes when two old high school friends reunite.

New Release Review - KONG: SKULL ISLAND

An expedition to a previously undiscovered island leads to the discovery of the eighth wonder of the world.

New Release Review - GET OUT

A black man's first meeting with his white girlfirend's parents takes a deeply sinister turn.
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