New Release Review (VOD) - MUTE

mute netflix review
A mute Amish man searches for his missing girlfriend in a future Berlin.

New Release Review - SWEET COUNTRY

sweet country film review
An aborigine goes on the run after killing a white man in self defence.

New Release Review - THE LODGERS

the lodgers film review
In 1920s Ireland, a pair of twins live in the haunted home of their deceased parents.

10 Movies You Must See In March

the third murder
Our guide to the most intriguing movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas in March.

New Release Review - DARK RIVER

dark river film review
A woman runs into conflict with her brother when she inherits her abusive father's farm.

First Look Review - OUTSIDE IN

outside in film review
A convict on parole pursues an affair with the high school teacher who aided his release.

Blu-Ray Review - ICE COLD IN ALEX (1958)

In WWII Libya, an alcoholic British captain is charged with escorting two nurse to safety across harsh terrain in a dilapidated ambulance.

New Release Review - JOURNEYMAN

journeyman film review
A champion boxer struggles to recover after suffering brain damage.

New Release Review - FIFTY SHADES FREED

fifty shades freed review
The eagerly awaited conclusion of the Fifty Shades saga.

New Release Review - THE 15:17 TO PARIS

THE 15:17 TO PARIS review
The true story of how three young American men foiled a terrorist attack aboard a Paris bound train in 2015.

New Release Review - BLACK PANTHER

The ruler of a secretive African kingdom is forced to rethink his isolationist policy.

First Look Review - GOLDEN EXITS

golden exits review
A young Australian woman's arrival upsets the intersecting lives of a group of insecure New Yorkers.

New Release Review - WINCHESTER

winchester movie review
Heiress Sarah Winchester constructs an elaborate, ever evolving mansion designed to keep out evil spirits.

New Release Review - ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ.

An idealistic lawyer is seduced by corruption.

New Release Review (DVD) - THE HERO

the hero review
An aging former western star falls for a younger woman while dealing with the news of a cancer diagnosis.
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