New Release Review - LAND OF MINE

land of mine review
Following their surrender, a group of young Nazi soldiers is forced to clear landmines from a Danish beach.

New Release Review - DUNKIRK

dunkirk review
Dramatisation of the 1940 evacuation of Allied troops from the French coastal town.

New Release Review - SCRIBE

scribe movie review
Struggling to find work, an ex-alcoholic finds himself in the employ of a sinister and dangerous group.

New Release Review - 47 METRES DOWN

47 metres down review
Two young women find themselves trapped in a cage in shark infested waters.

New Release Review - THE BIG SICK

the big sick review
Following their break-up, a struggling stand-up's girlfriend is stricken with a mysterious illness.

Simian Cinema - 10 Most Memorable Movie Monkeys

With Caesar back on cinema screens in War for the Planet of the Apes, we look at 10 more of cinema's greatest simians.

New Release Review - 24X36: A MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE POSTERS

Documentary on the history of promotional movie art and those keeping it alive today.


war for the planet of the apes review
Caesar's plans to lead his people to freedom are thwarted by a ruthless human military leader.

New Release Review - IT COMES AT NIGHT

it comes at night review
In the aftermath of a deadly viral outbreak, a family reluctantly invites another family into their home.

12 Cinematic Auteurs Who Made Great TV In The Pre-TWIN PEAKS Era

alfred hitchcock
David Lynch was by no means the first master of cinema to leave his mark on the small screen.

New Release Review - THE BOOK OF HENRY

the book of henry review
Following instructions left by her dead son, a woman attempts to kill her neighbour, a suspected child abuser.

Blu-Ray Review - DEATH IN THE GARDEN (1956)

death in the garden film review
A rag-tag band flees the authorities following a revolt in a South American mining town.

New Release Review - FROM THE LAND OF THE MOON

from the land of the moon review
While recovering at a Swiss spa, a married woman falls for an injured soldier.

New Release Review - CHURCHILL

churchill 2017 film review
In the days leading up to D-Day, Winston Churchill finds himself at odds with his military leaders.

New Release Review - BABY DRIVER

baby driver review
A music obsessed getaway driver attempts to escape a life of crime.
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