New Release Review - DETOUR

A law student enlists a volatile criminal to kill his mother's boyfriend.

New Release Review - COLOSSAL

colossal film review
A young American woman discovers she may be responsible for attacks on Seoul by a giant monster.

New Release Review - INVERSION

inversion movie review
An unmarried woman's siblings interfere with her life when their mother takes ill.

New Release Review - ALIEN: COVENANT

alien covenant review
The crew of an inter-galactic colony vessel make a terrifying discovery while investigating a habitable planet.

New Release Review - MISS SLOANE

miss sloane film review
A Washington lobbyist embarks on a seemingly unwinnable battle for gun control legislation.

New Release Review - WITHOUT NAME

without name movie review
A land surveyor has a series of uncanny experiences while mapping an ancient Irish forest.

New Release Review - MINDHORN

mindhorn movie review
A washed up TV star must reprise his most famous role to stop a killer.

New Release Review - HEAL THE LIVING

heal the living movie review
When a teenager dies following an accident, his parents must decide whether or not to donate his organs.

New Release Review - UNFORGETTABLE

unforgettable katherine heigl rosario dawson movie review
A bride to be must contend with her future husband's dangerously psychotic ex-wife.
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