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New Release Review - US

us film review
A family is menaced by what appears to be their doppelgangers.

Now On Netflix - SUICIDE SQUAD

suicide squad review
A team of dangerous and unstable 'super villains' is assembled as a special task force.

New Release Review - GRETA

greta movie review
A waitress befriends a lonely older woman, only to discover she is psychologically disturbed.

New Release Review - UNDER THE SILVER LAKE

under the silver lake review
A wastrel uncovers a conspiracy as he searches for a missing girl in the Los Angeles underworld.

Blu-Ray Review - PHANTOM LADY (1944)

phantom lady film review
When her boss, whom she is secretly in love with, is accused of murder, a secretary sets out to prove his innocence.


ghost in the shell review
Live-action adaptation of the cult Japanese comic.


await further instructions review
A family's Christmas is disturbed when a mysterious force quarantines them inside their home, delivering instructions through their TV set.

Dublin International Film Festival 2019 Review - TELL IT TO THE BEES

tell it to the bees review
In 1950s rural Scotland, a single mother falls for the doctor who takes her in as her housekeeper.

New Release Review - CAPTAIN MARVEL

captain marvel review
Landing in '90s California, an alien attempts to piece together her fractured memory, the contents of which are sought after by a chasing alien race.

Dublin International Film Festival 2019 Review - ASH IS PUREST WHITE

ash is purest white review
Chronicle of the tumultuous relationship between a woman and her gangster lover.

Dublin International Film Festival 2019 Review - OUT OF BLUE

out of blue review
An ex-alcoholic veteran detective begins to piece together her own past while investigating the murder of a scientist.
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