10 Movies You Must See In October

blade runner 2049
Our guide to the most intriguing movies opening in UK/ROI cinemas in October.

New Release Review - DAPHNE

daphne film review
A young woman questions her narcissistic worldview after witnessing a violent assault.


The Kingsmen unite with their US equivalent, the Statesmen, to take down a maniacal drug lord.

New Release Review - ON BODY AND SOUL

ON BODY AND SOUL film review
Two employees at a slaughterhouse discover they share the same the recurring dream.

Waffling With LOWLIFE Star Nicki Micheaux

nicki micheaux
We chat with actress Nicki Micheaux, star of the horror festival hit Lowlife.

New Release Review - MOTHER!

mother! review
An expectant mother is hounded by a series of unwanted houseguests.

New Release Review - THE DEATH OF STALIN

THE DEATH OF STALIN movie review
Farcical look at the days immediately following the death of the Soviet dictator.

Waffling With WONDER WOMAN Star Eugene Brave Rock

eugene brave rock wonder woman
We chatted with stunt performer/actor Eugene Brave Rock, best known to audiences for his role in Wonder Woman.

New Release Review - BORG VS MCENROE

borg mcenroe film review
Bjorn Borg attempts to win a fifth consecutive Wimbledon title. In his way is John McEnroe.

New Release Review - BRIMSTONE

brimstone film review
A young woman attempts to evade the unsavoury attentions of her preacher father.

New Release Review (VOD) - THE BAD BATCH

the bad batch review
A teenager must fend for herself in an open air prison where cannibals reign.

New Release Review (VOD) - NOCTURAMA

nocturama film review
After carrying out an attack on Paris, a terrorist cell hides out in a department store.

New Release Review - KILLING GROUND

killing ground movie review
Tourists in backwoods Australia are terrorised by a pair of sadistic killers.

New Release Review - IT

it movie 2017 review
First installment of a two-part adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

New Release Review - MY PURE LAND

my pure land movie review
Two teenage sisters defend their land from the men attempting to steal it.

New Release Review - UNA

una film review
A woman tracks down and confronts the man who raped her as a child.

New Release Review - INSYRIATED

insyriated review
The remaining residents of a Damascus apartment block wait for a chance to escape as war rages in the streets outside.
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