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First Time Watches - September 2012

Elmer Gantry (1960)
Burt Lancaster is thrilling as a travelling salesman who hooks up with  an evangelist troupe, initially with the intention of seducing young preacher Jean Simmons.

First Time Watches - August 2012

Dolemite (1975)
Blaxploitation icon Rudy Ray Moore made a bunch of trashy movies in the seventies, starting here where he plays a convict freed to help take down a drug cartel.

First Time Watches - July 2012

The Professionals (1966)
Richard Brooks' western has more in common with a modern piece of revisionism than the genre films of it's time.

First Time Watches - June 2012

Tora Tora Tora (1970)
Co-directed in English and Japanese by Richard Fleischer and Kinji Fukasaku, this shows a gripping story doesn't need any relatable characters or trite romances (are you listening Mister Bay?). A cast of some of the best character actors of the era coupled with the elaborate and realistic staging of the Pearl Harbour attack make this compelling viewing. 8/10

First Time Watches - April 2012

Turn Me On 'Dammit (2012)
On paper this sounded like a Norwegian "Welcome To The Dollhouse" but it's much more aimed at a teen audience.

First Time Watches - March 2012

Blood Runs Cold (2011)
The best I can say about this godawful Norwegian Swedish slasher is that it looks a lot more expensive than the paltry $5000 spent on it.

First Time Watches - February 2012

Megan Is Missing (2011)
As a kid I was an absolute gorehound but the older I've gotten the more my tolerance for onscreen violence has waned. What disturbs me most now is any kind of violence towards children so this found footage effort was particularly hard to watch.

First Time Watches - January 2012

Snowbeast (2011)
Although not a remake of the Seventies Yeti classic, it may as well be.