The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Troy Balmayer


French crime drama following the investigation into a teenage girl's disappearance.


A disparate group of characters become entangled in the dirty dealings at an energy company.

Waffling With... ADEEL AKHTAR

We chatted with the star of TV's River and Utopia, and movies like Four Lions, Convenience and Pan.

TV Waffle - RIVER

BBC's Stellan Skarsgard starring detective drama.

New Release Review - SUPERBOB

Struck by a meteorite, a pedantic civil servant gains super powers.

First Look Review - SNAPSHOT

A down on his luck photographer finds himself in possession of a compromising photo of the First Lady.

DVD Review - The Comedian

A struggling stand-up comic enters a relationship with a younger man.

DVD Review - Hostages (Season One)

Debut season of the acclaimed Israeli thriller, on DVD from Arrow Films.

First Look Review - The Scarehouse

A group of sorority girls are invited to a scarehouse by a pair of former friends out for revenge.

DVD Review - Wakolda

A mysterious German doctor arrives at a newly opened hotel in rural Argentina.

DVD Review - The Golden Dream

Four young Guatemalans attempt to illegally enter the United States.