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Book Review - BORN TO BE BAD By Timon Singh

die hard villains
Collection of interviews with actors known for their portrayal of action movie antagonists.


The latest in Intellect Books' Fan Phenomena series looks at the cult of arguably cinema's most iconic star.

Book Review - Detour Hollywood

Indie filmmaker William Dickerson's guide to directing micro-budget movies.

Book Review - The Anatomy of Fear

Through a series of interviews, horror filmmakers discuss the genre.

The Art of John Alvin celebrates the iconic movie artist

Titan Books has released a stunning new collection of artwork from the late John Alvin, an artist whose work is familiar to all movie lovers, even if they aren't familiar with his name.

Book Review - Fan Phenomena: Star Wars

Collection of essays examining the cultural impact of George Lucas's sci-fi franchise.

Space Monsters Magazine Profile

Space Monsters is a new mag for fans of classic film and TV sci-fi.