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New to Prime Video - EXIT PLAN

exit plan review
Diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour, an insurance investigator checks into an assisted suicide facility.

New to Prime Video - BRUNO

bruno review
A homeless man searches for his missing dog with the aid of a young runaway.

New to Prime Video - BEYOND THE GATES

beyond the gates review
Two brothers come across a mysterious VHS game which may be related to their father's disappearance.

New to Amazon Prime Video - HURT BY PARADISE

hurt by paradise review
Two young London women struggle with their artistic careers and personal relationships.

New to Amazon Prime Video - PIRANHAS

piranhas review
A Neapolitan teenager and his friends are drawn into the Mafia underworld of Naples.

New to Amazon Prime Video - PIERCING

piercing review
A potential killer gets more than he bargained for from the prostitute he hires with the intention of murdering.

New to Amazon Prime Video - SEARCHING

searching review
When his daughter disappears in mysterious circumstances, a father delves into her online history in search of clues.

New to Amazon Prime Video - A HERO

a hero review
A good deed leads to trouble for an imprisoned man seeking to pay off a debt.

New to Amazon Prime Video - ENCOUNTER

encounter review
Believing Earth is being invaded by alien parasites, a marine absconds with his two young sons.

New to Amazon Prime Video - THE WIND

the wind review
In the desolate Old West, a woman is menaced by a supernatural presence.

New to Amazon Prime Video - DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE

dragged across concrete review
A recently released convict gets caught between corrupt cops and violent bank robbers when he takes a job to provide for his struggling family.

New to Amazon Prime Video - COLUMBUS

columbus review
A Korean man bonds with a local girl over the architecture of Columbus, Indiana.