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3 Horror Movies Set in Las Vegas

3 Horror Movies Set in Las Vegas

As one of America's most iconic cities, Las Vegas has featured in scores of movies across multiple genres. Horror filmmakers have been attracted to the city and below we highlight three notable horror movies set in Vegas. Don't worry, the real life Vegas is nowhere near as scary, but if you can't make it to Nevada you can always avail of casino sites like Bet22.

Army of the Dead

Having directed the 2004 remake of zombie classic Dawn of the Dead, director Zack Snyder returned to the realm of the undead with this 2021 Netflix original. The movie sees Vegas become infested with zombies when a member of the walking dead breaks free from a military convoy and heads for the bright lights of the strip. With the city about to be nuked, a team of gun-toting mercenaries attempt to steal the contents of a casino vault without getting eaten.

Resident Evil: Extinction

The third movie in the Resident Evil series also sees Vegas become a zombie infested hellscape. This sequel sees Milla Jovovich return to the role of zombie apocalypse survivor Alice, who attempts to lead a group of fellow survivors across the Mojave desert to the relative safety of Alaska (seems zombies don't like the cold). The ruined vision of Vegas was actually created on a set in Mexico.

Fright Night

1985's cult vampire flick Fright Night got the remake treatment in 2011. This time the action was relocated to Las Vegas, which when you think of it, is the perfect place for a vampire to hang out. It's a city that springs to life at night after all. Colin Farrell gave a memorable turn as a vampire whose secret is discovered by a teen (the late Anton Yelchin), but it's former Dr Who David Tennant who steals the show as a flamboyant magician recuited to help kick some vampire butt.