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3 Gambling Movies from India

3 Gambling Movies from India

Movies about gambling are popular the world over, and Indian cinema is no exception. The country, known for its hugely popular Bollywood film industry, has produced some hit movies based around gamblers and gambling. Here are three of the most popular, and if they get you excited for some Indian style gambling, visit 22Bet login and recreate the thrills found in these three movies.

Teen Patti

Indian cinema has often attracted global stars, including Ben Kingsley, who starred in this 2010 Hindi-language thriller form director Leena Yadav. It's Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan who gets top billing however. He plays a maths professor with a special interest in theories of probability. When a famed British mathematician (Kingsley) invites him to a London casino, Bchchan's professor sees a way to employ his theories int he real world of gambling, specifically the poker game known as "Teen Patti."


Also from 2010 is this film from writer/director Chandan Arora. Striker revolves around the Indian game of Carrom, in which players compete to flick discs to the edge of a board. Siddarth plays Suryakant, a young man who was once a junior carrom champion at the age of 12. When he finds himself in desperate financial trouble, Suryakant enters the world of Carrom hustling, but finds himself crossing paths with a dangerous mobster who runs the scene.


In 1971, the popular thriller Gambler hit Indian cinemas courtesy of director Amarjeet. The film stars Dev Anand as Raja, whose mother abandoned him as a child. Since then he's been raised by criminal mastermind Master (Jeevan), who taught him the tricks of being a card-sharp. Raja leaves Master to use his skills to make it on his own. His gambling skills see him amass a fortune, but when Master is found dead, Raja must clear his name when he is accused of his murder.