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8 Celebrities Who Love Casinos

8 Celebrities Who Love Casinos

Celebrities are human beings just like any other people, so it's only logical that they would enjoy a good game of roulette. Especially in Las Vegas, you can spot famous individuals at some of the most renowned casinos, what's more, most of them are big-time casino players. Some of them are eager to win, but a fair share of celebrities play for fun and thrill and won't make it a big deal if they spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Here are some of the celebrities that love to play spin the roulette wheels and gamble.

1. Ben Affleck

One of the most sensational Hollywood stars who enjoy a good game of poker is no other than Ben Affleck. This multi-talented star has played in numerous films and people are utterly keen on his movies, so when they hear that he is also an experienced poker player they get shocked. It's known that he has participated in various top-notch poker competitions which have helped him earn over $800k, but also experience a few huge losses. What some newsagents have discovered is that he had been tutored by two professional poker players, so it's no wonder that he's an expert at this casino game.

2. Tobey Maguire

Another professional celebrity who is utterly fond of poker games is the actor Tobey Maguire. The leading star of the Spider-Man franchise is also a passionate poker player. Just like Ben Affleck, he was trained by an expert poker connoisseur, but in Tobey's case, it's Canadian Daniel Negreanu, who is a legend in the world of poker. With his help, this casino lover participated in several World Series of Poker Main Event Championships and had a fair share of wins and losses. What’s more, he even participated in various private poker games with high-end players. Even though he had ups and downs in his poker adventures, it's believed that he still plays poker at a renowned online casino.

3. Charles Barkley

Apart from actors, there are many sporting celebrities that love casinos. One such celebrity is Charles Barkley. This fantastic NBA legend is another passionate poker player. Furthermore, it's known that he has earned himself a small fortune, but as well lost a great deal of bucks. The former basketball player very often visits Las Vegas and spends time (and money) gambling. His passion for poker games has skyrocketed after retirement and it's been reported that he has spent over scorching $10 million.

4. Matt Damon

This article wouldn't be complete without mentioning Affleck's good friend, Matt Demon, and his love for blackjack and poker. Here is another actor who is also interested in poker, what's more, it's reckoned that he is obsessed with this casino game. He sought assistance from Johnny Chan who helped him master some poker skills needed for a movie he was playing, and consequently, he used that newly gained knowledge in real life. Matt frequently plays poker, but more importantly, he knows when and how to stop and how to control his gameplay, unlike some other celebrities.

5. 50 Cent

The name undeniably indicates some relation to money, but maybe 50 million would suit him better. Unlike previously mentioned actors, this rapper is keener on placing sporting bets. Curtis James Jackson (his real name) once placed a half-million-dollar bet against the San Francisco 49ers in a match against the New York Giants, and to everybody's shock – he won. Besides being keen on placing bets, he also visits casinos rather often. It's fundamental that he has his fortune to back him in his passion because 50 Cents is internationally recognized and earns significant sums of money.

6. Paris Hilton

Here is a gorgeous lady who absolutely loves all Las Vegas attractions, but mostly the casinos. It’s been noted that Paris Hilton used to spend thousands of dollars playing poker, but what's even more interesting is that she once won more than $20,000 on a single night of gambling. Dressing up fancy and exquisite is easy for such a popular celebrity, and visiting flabbergasting casinos in Las Vegas tops up the experience, so it's no wonder that she loves the whole notion of this alluring activity.

7. Jennifer Tilly

A famous American-Canadian actress is a totally serious poker player. What's more, Jennifer's father was both a passionate gambler and a poker player, so from her youth, she has been interested in this fun casino game. Jennifer never let her "hobby" ruin her commitment to stage and acting, but she tried to make use of her poker skills and even won the third World Poker Tour Ladies International Tournament in 2005. Since then, her passion has only grown and nowadays it is reported that her poker winnings have exceeded $1 million.

8. Brad Pitt

Unlike other celebrities before him, Brad Pitt hadn't preferred casino games from the start. On the contrary, his passion for casino games started after starring in one of his most famous movies, Ocean's 11. The actor is fond of both poker and blackjack and even enjoys playing slot machines both in land-based casinos and online.

It seems that poker is the most popular casino game among all celebrities and it’s no wonder because it’s ultra fun and winnings can be enormous.