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2023 The Year Of Cinema: Prepare To Watch The Biggest Films Of The Year With These Top Tips

2023 The Year Of Cinema: Prepare To Watch The Biggest Films Of The Year With These Top Tips

2023 is already shaping up to be an exciting time in the world of films. From the eagerly awaited Dune: Part Two to fun and bright films like Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the line-up of films set to be released in 2023 holds some treats for cinephiles worldwide.

Going to the cinema is a beloved activity that many participate in, especially when big blockbuster films are showing on the big screen. Some devoted fans of franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe will book in advance to attend the midnight screening of the latest releases to help avoid any spoilers that might be leaked online. Attending the cinema to watch films are memories many hold onto for a lifetime.

As 2023 looks to be the year of cinema, here are a few tips to help prepare you for watching some of these highly anticipated films.


Plan Out What To Watch

The tremendous number of films set to be released in 2023 is thrilling. However, seeing the total can be overwhelming. It is easy to break the list down into more manageable sizes. Start by listing the films in order of release date. Create a list that shows each month, what films will be released that month, and on which day. The overview of this list will likely be overwhelming, considering the total of films to be released. However, it is easy to break down into knowing what films you want to watch.

Go through your list month by month and highlight the films that you want to watch. You might even use a different colour to highlight the films you wouldn’t mind seeing but are not in a rush to see. Breaking the films into these categories will help you narrow the list of films to watch in 2023. It might make a list less overwhelming. Instead, you will likely have a more manageable list of content you will be consuming throughout the following year.

Where To Watch The Films

Not all of the big releases this year will be making the big screens in cinemas across the country. Some of these films will likely be released exclusively on one of the major streaming platforms. When creating your list of films to watch, make a note of where you can watch them. Note if they are a cinema release or they will be on a streaming service like Netflix, Prime, Apple TV or Disney+.

Creating the list will help you in deciding what to watch and when. If a film is set to be released on a streaming platform you don’t have, consider organising a film night with a friend or loved one with an account. If you are willing to wait to watch a film, consider a free trial of a streaming platform when a few films you want to watch have been released. This way you can watch all the films you wish, a few others and a TV show or two.

Know How To Afford It All

Of course, a trip to the cinema will come at a cost. Consider the choice of cinema. You might notice that some cinema chains are more affordable than others. If so, consider your choice of cinema when wanting to watch a film. Additionally, keep in mind the streaming platforms. There is the ability to save money by utilising the free trials available.

Understandably, spending a little more at the cinema for comfortable seating and any treats to consume is the preferred choice for many. If so, create a list of the films you are willing to spend a little more to see. Save up a little each month to ensure you can afford the tickets, amongst additional purchases. You might even try to boost your finances by utilising bonuses at Playing a casino game or two is also a great way to get you excited for any films that will likely excite adrenaline enthusiasts and those that like to take a risk in life. For instance, John Wick: Chapter 4 will likely excite adrenaline enthusiasts worldwide as they watch the next instalment in this beloved series.

Know Who You Will Watch With

Do you prefer to watch a film with a friend, or do you prefer to watch films on your own? The company present can influence a person’s viewing experience. For some, watching films is a solitary experience that they prefer, as it removes distractions and enables them to concentrate on the film. Whether it be a comedy, thriller, romance, horror or fantasy, watching a film on your own can influence your opinion of the film.

However, others prefer the company of others, someone they can talk to about certain moments and suggest what might happen next. Of course, speaking during a film is frowned upon, especially in a cinema, as it can distract other cinema attendees. When planning out where and what films you want to watch, consider who you will have at your side.

Get Ready For 2023

2023 is on the horizon. The anticipation of saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023 is building. As the new year draws closer, cinephiles worldwide eagerly count down the days and months until some highly anticipated films are released. With lists being created of what they believe will be the best movies of 2023, it fuels the burning desire to watch these films when they are released. From set photos to teasers released, the world of film is set to be an exciting time in 2023.

Preparing to watch some of the biggest films of the year will help you to save time and money when watching them. As the countdown begins, start putting plans in place for when and where you will be watching 2023’s biggest films. Before you know it, you will be sitting comfortably at home or in front of the big screen watching one of the many films on your list.