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New Trailer for Creature Feature NIX

New Trailer for Creature Feature NIX
Director Anthony C Ferrante's chiller comes to UK/ROI VOD in October.

Director Anthony C Ferrante is best known for helming the Sharknado movies. Now he's taking a turn into serious horror with Nix.

The film stars Dee Wallace as a mother whose daughter disappears during a camping trip. 25 years later, her family is threatened once again by the appearance of a mysterious evil entity.

Michael Pare, James Zimbardi and Skyler Caleb also star.

Nix is on UK/ROI VOD from October 31st.

Check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

A camping trip for the Coyle family ends in tragedy, when their young daughter Tessa disappears. Twenty-five years later, they are still haunted by the events of that day. Matriarch Donna (Dee Wallace) still believes Tessa is alive and continues to celebrate her birthday every year, hoping for her return. Oldest son Jack (James Zimbardi) tries to keep the family together without breaking down himself. Meanwhile middle son Lucas (Skyler Caleb) is a recovering addict with a young daughter of his own that he’s trying to protect. Terrible things start happening to the family again, with the appearance of a mysterious entity known as the “Nix”. The Coyle’s must confront the past - and what really happened out in the woods all those years ago - or succumb to the darkness that is waiting to consume them.