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Top 5 Racing slots

As cluster slots, Megaways games, fruit machines and more are incredibly fast paced games, they are incredibly well suited to a racing theme!

Racing slot theme

With so many different slot themes for players to choose from, it is hard for a particular theme to stand out from the crowd. However that is exactly what the racing theme has managed to do. This theme is perfect for the fast paced nature of slot gaming, thanks to its focus on the adrenaline fuelled motorsports that define life in the fast lane. Players who want a rush alongside their slot gameplay will love this style of theme, with the fast paced racing helping the gameplay to feel even faster than it usually is. The best part about this theme is how diverse it is, racing encompasses many things. While the first thing many people think of when the word racing is brought up is motorsport, the theme can also include horse racing which is a favourite amongst many gamblers.

Top five racing slots

It does not matter if we are talking about illegal street racing, professional formula one style racing or plain old horse racing, racing themed slot games are incredibly popular with players. The following are the five best racing themed slot games for players to enjoy.

1. Green Light Slot - Developed by Reeltime Gaming, this slot is perfect for people who are a fan of professional racing. Featuring gameplay that is as fast paced as the racing that it depicts, this game is truly a delight. Players will especially be fond of the feature which allows the players to take part in the race themselves. There is also the chance to rake up some huge wins thanks to the bonus symbols that the game offers.

2. Racing For Pink - Coming from Microgaming, this slot is incredibly unique due to the amount of ways that it has to win. There are over 243 different ways for players to win in this game. Players will enjoy the bonus symbols such as scatters and the free spins feature that will help them rack up massive wins.

3. Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem - This game was developed by NetEnt and as the name implies, players can expect a chaotic time thanks to a frantic pace coupled with amazing graphics and a slew of exciting bonuses. A slot title not to be missed.

4. Formula X - If you are a fan of professional racing like Formula one, this is the slot for you. Not only is the style incredibly reminiscent of Formula one but it features exciting gameplay that is sure to get your heart pumping!

5. Highway Kings - In this racing slot from Playtech, players will love the graphics as they are a retro throwback to more simpler times. Players will also appreciate the plethrom of bonuses this slot has to offer, including an alluring progressive jackpot!

Final Thoughts

This theme has proved so popular that more and more slots are being developed using the racing aesthetic. As slots are incredibly fast paced, it is easy to see why the theme is such a good fit.