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Poker Winning Hands at Online Casinos

When you think of poker and winning hands, the chances are that you picture the classic rollercoaster battle between James Bond and his nemesis in Casino Royale. Even though the stakes were outrageous along with the winning hands, certain winning combinations are more common than others whether you play poker online or with friends - claim amazing offers and bonuses today.

To be aware of winning hands you need to memorize the rankings of all the cards and the possible winning combinations they can deliver. This is easier said than done but winning hands online are similar to normal poker.

Royal Flush

A Royal Flush is the highest-ranking hand in poker, and it cannot be beaten. In Omaha poker game variants and the extremely common and popular Texas Hold’em, only one player can achieve a Royal Flush. This hand is quite a rarity, but this top-ranking winning combination has been witnessed at many an online poker game.

Straight Flush

Not quite as impressive is a Straight Flush and this is a winning hand involving five cards all in the same suit and a row such as Queen, Jack, ten, nine, and eight. This is known as a Queen High Straight Flush or another example is an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten and this is a king-high flush. You can also get a Straight Flush without the picture card faces as long as the suit is the same and the numbered cards follow an ordered sequence.

Four of A Kind

Look out for Four of a Kind whilst playing online poker because this is a welcome hand to have even though it is not the highest winning ranking hand in poker. What qualifies as Four of a Kind is getting four of the same cards in all four suits.

Full House

A Full House is mostly a winning hand when it shows up in an online poker game. You would need to be dealt a pair plus three of a kind to achieve a Full House.

A Flush

Lower down the pecking order in top-ranking winning poker hands is a Flush and this is made out of five cards, all of which must have the same matching suit to qualify as a Flush. Despite this hand being considered a mid-range hand, it can still lead to victory.

Other Winning Hands

Lower in the pecking order of high-ranking poker hands include a Straight, which is five cards in numerical order but of all different suits. Three of a Kind is three of one card and two cards that do not have to be paired. Two Pair is exactly as described, it is two sets of the same card in one hand. You can also get one pair of the same card in one hand and a High Card. This is the weakest of all winning combinations in poker. With this five-card hand, no cards match and you would be very lucky to walk off with the spoils with this despite it being considered a winning hand.