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Interview - PLAYHOUSE Star Grace Courtney

grace courtney interview
Courtney discusses her role in the new British haunted house chiller.

Playhouse centres around a notorious horror writer who moves into an ancient castle with his teenage daughter to work on his next play; only to face terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to a supernatural evil lurking within the castle walls.

We spoke to its leading lady, Grace Courtney.

grace courtney interview

How big of a break was the film for you?

It’s my first feature film so to me it was pretty big! But the reason I wanted to be part of the project was just how great a character Bee is - when I read the script I immediately connected with her and couldn’t wait to bring her off the page.


You’ve worked on smaller productions. How do they compare to working on something bigger and high-profile like this?

What was really special about working on a bigger production was getting to spend a longer period of time with the cast and crew. For the duration of filming we all lived in the castle, which was a great experience and is situated in an amazing part of the world. Helena Betts was the makeup artist and I got to have some seriously awesome effects done, which was new for me. Mostly though it was so satisfying getting to sink my teeth into a character who has a solid backstory and is going through an intense time. Working on a feature, you can spend time with your role.


Being one of the leads, did you feel any extra pressure?

We were working to a tight schedule, so I probably put pressure on myself because I didn’t want to be the person slowing everyone else down. When you come onboard a production as an actor, you’re often some of the last people to be confirmed, so although it might feel like a new project to you it’s actually the culmination of years of work from others. It felt important to do justice to the script that Toby and Fionn Watts had crafted.


Do you think you’d behave in the same way your character does?

Well I’ve definitely had some moody teenage years, that’s for sure... I think I’d be more cautious than Bee, but I definitely share her curiosity and I also always want to know the whole truth. With a dad like Jack she’s driven to make extreme decisions.

grace courtney interview

Do you get scared easily? What scares you the most?

I’m generally known as the scaredy cat amongst my friends, but I like to think if something creepy was actually happening then I could deal with it head on. I definitely have an overactive imagination, so I can get pretty spooked if I’m alone in the house and start thinking about ghosts. This summer I stayed on my aunt’s farm in Scotland and had to walk to my cabin at night during a lightning storm. Every flash of lightning I expected to see a ghost waiting for me on the path. To be honest I should probably cut down on watching so many horror films!


Do you believe in the supernatural?

Yes, but I don’t believe in any certain explanations for what causes it. So many people have had supernatural encounters that I think there must be something in it, but I’ve yet to experience anything myself. My favourite podcast is about the supernatural and I enjoy getting freaked out by first-hand stories.


Any message you’d like to pass on to those considering watching the film?

There’s a great scene between Bee and her friends that we filmed in the hall beneath the castle. The hall is built on top of an old Viking site and was properly creepy to film in. Watch out for it!

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Playhouse is on US/CAN VOD now. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.