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3 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of All Times

Some of the most memorable celebrity weddings.

The average wedding cost in the US is over $35,300, with celebrity wedding budgets ranging in the millions, according to the Insider. Film stars are notorious for spending millions of dollars to say their vows in the most extravagant ways. They host another kind of wedding ceremony that features cakes worth thousands of dollars, multiple gowns, and private island parties. A-list celebs are also famous for inviting star-studded guests, choosing the most lavish venues, and hiring expensive vendors.

Although we all enjoy watching celebrity weddings, some ceremonies are more noteworthy compared to others. Below are some of the most memorable celebrity weddings of all time.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

In 2006, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spent an estimated $3 million to say “I do” at an Italian castle. During the traditional Scientology event, Katie rocked in a $50,000 ivory gown while Tom wore a custom navy suit designed by Giorgio Armani. The guest list featured various Hollywood stars who feasted on sea bass, artichokes, and risotto at Italy's Odescalchi Castle. The food and drink bill was a reported $18,000.

Besides drinking almost 300 bottles of Barbaresco wine and champagne, guests enjoyed an extravagant display of fireworks. In fact, the lavish wedding ceremony had everyone, including the bride and groom partying until dawn.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

Actress Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman said “I do” in an outdoor wedding, featuring $100,000 worth of flowers at a private home in Big Sur. Though the couple had invited 150 guests, there were no movie stars. The evening dinner was full of Anne's personal touch, such as an all-vegan menu and entertainment from the jazz band, American Social Club. Still rocking her Les Miserables hair cut, Anne looked elegant and gorgeous in a custom-made bridal gown and a vintage headpiece with a veil attached to it.

During an interview months after their marriage, Anne revealed how Adam Shulman proposed to her. While Adam's proposal wasn't disastrous or bungled, it was unconventional and similar to other celebrity marriage proposal ideas. After Anne had agreed to cut all her hair for the Les Miserables role, the actor and producer asked her how she felt about being a bald bride.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The A-list stars' love story started with the action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005, but it wasn't until 2014 when they said their handwritten vows. The perfectly matched and favourite Hollywood couple made their big day unique by keeping it simple and intimate in their 1,000 acre French Chateau. Angelina went the extra mile to personalize her Versace wedding gown. She opted for a veil decorated with her children's drawings. The actress said, "She wanted her children to be part of everything on her big day, including the wedding dress."

Unlike most celebrity weddings, Angelina and Brad Pitt's marriage celebration had about 20 guests. The wedding budget was nearly $250,000 if they purchased their wedding bands, which are said to be a gift from the couple's friend and designer, Robert Procop. As for food, guests were served sea bass, Italian pasta, local ham, cheese, champagne, and Chateau Miraval Rose Wine. Unfortunately, the Brangelina union didn't last a lifetime as their fans had speculated.

For most couples, weddings are the best moments of their life, even with a limited budget. However, for celebrity couples, weddings create opportunities to splurge on expensive bridal gowns, exotic venues, wedding bands, entertainment, hair, and make-up.