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24 New Movies Coming to UK Home Entertainment Next Week (June 15th)

Here's our guide to the new movies hitting UK Home Entertainment platforms next week (w/c June 15th).

Next week sees France's Olivier Assayas become the latest auteur to work with Netflix, Armando Iannucci's acclaimed Dickens adaptation, Rosamund Pike as Marie Curie and more arrive on UK home platforms. Thanks to Strike Media for their help in compiling the schedule. All titles available from June 15th unless otherwise stated.

The Ascent
The Ascent follows a group of mercenaries, who are sent to Eastern Europe in the middle of a civil war to retrieve intel. Shortly after the mission, the unit find themselves trapped on a never-ending stairwell; forced to climb or die. To survive, they must revisit their past sins if they ever want to get off.
Format: Digital

The Ground Beneath My Feet
Lola manages her personal life with the same ruthless efficiency as her job. But when a tragic event threatens to destroy everything that she has worked for, Lola's dark secrets begin to unravel.
Format: Digital

Rosamund Pike stars as scientist Marie Curie in this biographical drama directed by Marjane Satrapi. After marrying fellow physicist Pierre Curie (Sam Riley) in Paris in 1895, Polish immigrant Marie makes the first of her world-changing scientific breakthroughs with her research on radioactivity. However, she struggles to receive the respect and acclaim she deserves in the male-dominated scientific community of the early 20th century. Her pioneering work earns Curie the first of two Nobel Prizes in 1903, before she must confront personal tragedy, scandal and the fallout from her discoveries.
Format: Digital

Hard Night Falling
A criminal mastermind plans to steal a fortune from the Rossini family during a party, unaware that one of the guests is a highly trained operative.
Format: Digital

The Personal History of David Copperfield
Adapted from the classic novel by Charles Dickens, The Personal History of David Copperfield brings to life one of the author’s most cherished characters. From birth to infancy, from adolescence to adulthood, the good-hearted David Copperfield (Dev Patel) is surrounded by kindness, wickedness, poverty and wealth, as he meets an array of remarkable characters in Victorian England. As David sets out to be a writer, in his quest for family, friendship, romance and status, the story of his life is the most seductive tale of all.
Format: Digital/DVD/blu-ray

Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss
In this offbeat comedy, a young couple finds the perfect apartment, except there’s a catch – it's also home to a bizarre cult.
Format: Digital

The Call of the Wild
Harrison Ford stars in this American adventure based on Jack London's classic novel. Set in the 1890s, the film follows St. Bernard/Scotch Collie Buck as he begins an epic adventure after he is stolen from his home in Santa Clara, California and taken to Yukon where he is sold into service as a sled dog. Delivering mail for his new masters Perrault (Omar Sy) and Françoise (Cara Gee), Buck learns to work as part of a pack before crossing paths with Jack Thornton (Ford) and discovering the call of the wild.
Format: DVD/blu-ray

Birds of Prey
You ever hear the one about the cop, the blonde, the psycho and the mafia princess? Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is a twisted tale told by Harley herself, as only Harley can tell it. When one of Gotham’s most sinister villains, Roman Sionis, and his sadistic right-hand, Zsasz, put a target on a young girl named Cass, the city’s wicked underbelly is turned upside down looking for her. Harley, Huntress, Canary and Renee Montoya’s paths collide and the unlikely foursome have no choice but to team up to take Roman down.
Format: DVD/blu-ray

Ordinary Love
Joan and Tom have been married for many years. There is an ease to their relationship which only comes from spending a lifetime together and a depth of love which expresses itself through tenderness and humour in equal part. When Joan is unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, the course of her treatment shines a light on their relationship as they are faced with the challenges that lie ahead and the prospect of what might happen if something were to happen to Joan. Ordinary Love is a story about love, survival and the epic questions life throws at each and every one of us.
Format: DVD

The Fanatic
Moose (John Travolta) is a rabid movie fan who is obsessed with his favourite horror/action hero, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). When he is cheated out of his opportunity to finally meet Hunter, Moose gets help from his friend Leah (Aria Golja), a well-connected paparazzi photographer, who knows how to find celebrity homes. Moose turns to stalking to get the fan-to-star interaction he feels he deserves, and while harmless at first, Moose's actions begin to take a dark turn as his obsession grows stronger and Dunbar continues to rebuff him. As the visits escalate, Dunbar finds himself in increasing danger.
Format: DVD/Digital

Little Joe
Single mother Alice (Emily Beecham) is a dedicated plant breeder at a corporation engaged in developing new species. She has engineered a very special flower, remarkable not only for its beauty but also for its therapeutic value: if kept at the ideal temperature, fed properly and spoken to regularly, it makes its owner happy. Alice takes one home as a gift for her teenage son, Joe. They name it ‘Little Joe’ but as it grows, so too does Alice’s suspicion that her new creations may not be as harmless as their nickname suggests.
Format: Digital/dual format bluray/DVD

A man wakes up with no memory of his past but the ability to speak dozens of languages fluently. After finding a clue about his former self, he will race against time to discover his true identity.
Format: Digital

Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar
It has been two years since the sensation caused by her eleven-day disappearance and Agatha is contemplating giving up detective novels to pursue a serious literary career. Seeking escape and inspiration, she travels to Baghdad on an archaeological tour. What she finds is turmoil: the world’s biggest oil field has just been discovered and Iraq’s ancient treasures are under threat. Agatha also finds a charming, naive young archaeologist, Max, who needs her help as a series of murders unfold in the faded grandeur of the villa where they are staying. Has Agatha met her match?
Format: DVD/Digital

Brahms: The Boy II
Unaware of the terrifying history of Heelshire Mansion, a young family moves into a guest house on the estate where their young son soon makes an unsettling new friend, an eerily life-like doll he calls Brahms. Katie Holmes stars.
Format: DVD/blu-ray

The Meanest Man in Texas
Based on the best selling novel, The Meanest Man in Texas tells the incredible story of Clyde Thompson, accused of multiple murder and sentenced to death in a Texas prison. After his conviction in 1928, Thompson is incarcerated in a high security prison but while waiting for an appeal hearing, he gets involved in an escape plan and more murders, leading to another death sentence. This is an astonishing true story about one man s courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.
Format: DVD

The Day After I'm Gone
A father is forced to reexamine his relationship with his teenage daughter after her failed suicide. Israeli director Nimrod Eldar’s powerful debut feature The Day After I'm Gone delicately meditates on the challenges of fatherhood, adolescence, and generational disunion.
Format: MUBI (June 18th)

Joan of Arc
Winner of Un Certain Regard - Special Mention at Cannes last year, this is Bruno Dumont's re-telling of the story of the Maid of Orleans. In the 15th Century, both France and England stake a blood claim for the French throne. Believing that God had chosen her, the young Joan leads the army of the King of France. When she is captured, the Church sends her for trial on charges of heresy. Refusing to accept the accusations, the graceful Joan of Arc stays true to her mission. Dumont's decision to work with a ten-year-old actress re-injects this heroine's timeless cause and ideology with a modernity.
Format: Digital (June 19th)

Resistance tells the remarkable true story of a lesser known part of the French Resistance in World War Two. Before he becomes a world-famous mime, aspiring Jewish actor Marcel Marceau (Jesse Eisenberg) joins the resistance thanks to his friend Emma (Clemence Poésy), in order to save thousands of orphaned children from the Nazis. Their mission: to take the children safely across the Swiss border whilst being pursued by the ruthless SS Klaus Barbie (Matthias Schweighöfer).
Format: Digital (June 19th)

Feel the Beat
After failing to make it on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and reluctantly begins training a misfit group of young dancers for a competition.
Format: Netflix (June 19th)

Wasp Network
Based on a true and gripping story: Cuban spies infiltrate exile groups in the 1990s to stop terrorism against the island, but at a high personal cost. Writer/director Olivier Assayas's film stars Ana de Armas and Penélope Cruz.
Format: Netflix (June 19th)

Lost Bullet
A convicted car mechanic is recruited to work for the cops, pimping police vehicles for high-speed chases. But danger will follow him fast.
Format: Netflix (June 19th)

One-Way to Tomorrow
Two strangers cross paths on a train en route to Izmir, bonding over their turbulent - and unexpectedly intertwined - romantic pasts.
Format: Netflix (June 19th)

Scare Package
In Scare Package, Chad, the owner of Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium, recounts a series of bone-chilling, blood-splattered tales to illustrate the rules of the horror genre to his newest employee. Each story takes aim at different tropes, paying homage to and subverting the timeless clichés of the beloved genre.
Format: Shudder (June 18th)

A crew of underwater researchers must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory.
Format: VOD