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Interview - HER SECRET FAMILY KILLER Star Matt Shevin

matt shevin
Actor Matt Shevin discusses his role in the Lifetime thriller.

What are the secret ingredients to those Lifetime movie thrillers – you know, the true stories that usually feature kidnappings, murders, robberies or some other tabloid-perfect event. Actor Matt Shevin, star of the new film Her Secret Family Killer, breaks it down.

On Sarah’s (Brooke Nevin) birthday, her best friend Victoria (Carmen Moreno) gives her a genetic testing kit as a gift, so she can learn more about her family’s lineage. But that night, Victoria is tragically killed. Weeks later, Sarah gets on knock on her door, and it’s the police. As their homicide case ran cold, they decided to run the killer’s DNA through the genetic testing site’s database and there was a match: Sarah. It turns out that someone related to Sarah killed her best friend… but who?

matt shevin

Congratulations on The Secret Family Killer – how did you celebrate the premiere?

My neighbours threw a big viewing party, and my entire block was there, and it was so much fun. They were excited and talking throughout the entire movie, asking me questions, trying to get me to spoil the ending. I wouldn’t budge!

What intrigued you about playing this guy?

He’s complex. It was essentially two roles, and I loved the shift from beginning to end. The ending was the most fun I’ve ever had playing a character.

And was it a battle to get cast? How did it all happen?

I auditioned for a smaller role in another Lifetime movie, and while I didn’t get the part, I bonded in the audition room with the very cool producers and casting director, and they offered me a much larger role in Her Secret Family Killer.

What do you think the producers saw in you, initially, that made you right for the part?

The original role for which I auditioned was also a cop, so they saw that side of me. But as we relaxed and joked after I read for the part, they saw an entirely different side. The character of Roger required that.

It’s a very complex character, and it’s hard to talk about too much without giving away spoilers; how would you describe him?

He’s earnest, and believes in himself even when no one else does. He’s also entirely loyal – to a fault.

Have you ever known anyone quite like this?

Yes, unfortunately. A guy I knew had been the funniest, most self-deprecating person, but then took a turn for the hostile. Psychopaths can be so charming, then suddenly turn so dangerous.

Did you base the performance on any characters from any other films?

I was definitely influenced by Edward Norton in Primal Fear. If I could achieve even a sliver of what he was able to portray, I would be thrilled.

Her Secret Family Killer aired on Lifetime, before Hulu. Is there a ‘certain type’ of film that fits the Lifetime template, better than others, in your opinion?

It’s so great that they create original programming. I believe they used to or still use the tagline “Your life. Your time.” These are great stories involving very true-to-life characters.

And how does Lifetime work differently than, say, the other independent producers and production companies you’ve worked with?

Certainly having the backing of a very successful network helped raise the quality of the shoot. Many films are shot in other cities to save money, but Lifetime allowed us to stay in LA and use big locations with a very large crew.

They’re a real machine over there. I assume it was one of the smoothest running productions you’ve ever been involved in!?

It was amazing. One morning we shot 51 setups – that’s scenes/takes – which is about 48 more than other productions. The crew was phenomenal at handling this and doing it well. The movie looks beautiful.