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5 Films Every Music Lover Should See

almost famous

Music is more than just a fun way to create an atmosphere or pass the time. Along with the powerful imagery of the film, it's really the closest thing the human race has to a universal language, so it goes without saying that something special happens when you put the two together. The following are some films that showcase the combination in a way that's especially noteworthy.

1. Almost Famous
No one does a better job of honoring music through the medium of film than director, Cameron Crowe and his 2000 masterpiece, Almost Famous is definitely a must-see. Amazing performances from Billy Crudup and Kate Hudson, a memorable soundtrack, and an authentic 1970's vibe perfectly compliment Crowe's expert directing for a great flick that's definitely worthy of multiple viewings.

2. A Star is Born
You're in for a treat no matter which version of this film you choose, but the 2018 incarnation starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper definitely belongs on every music lover's to-see list. Produced by Warner Brothers, MGM, and production ace Heather Parry's Live Nation Productions, A Star Is Born has everything a terrific film about music should have, including landmark performances, a heart-wrenching storyline, and stunning singing.

3. School of Rock
If you're looking for a music-themed film the whole family can enjoy together, it would be hard to go wrong with 2003's School of Rock. Jack Black turns in a heartfelt and very funny performance as a down-on-his-luck substitute teacher who changes the lives of his class through his own genuine passion for rock and roll. He's matched by an equally talented young cast that you'll absolutely love watching in action.

4. Crazy Heart
If you believe that the best music comes from a soul that's truly been through the wringer a time or two, then Scott Cooper's 2009 drama, Crazy Heart is a perfect fit for your tastes. Jeff Bridges scored a well-deserved Oscar for his portrayal of country singer Otis "Bad" Blake, and you even get to see him show off his own personal chops for music, as he performs all of his own numbers.

5. Whiplash
This 2014 masterpiece stars J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller as a demanding music teacher and his student in performances that definitely make this film Oscar material. It's an especially great pick for those who love studying, listening to, and analyzing everything that makes jazz music great.

Although there are many films out there that do the power of music justice, these are some excellent ones to add to your running watch list for sure. Which ones would you add to the mix?