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Waffling With... Actress RACHEL FAULKNER

Internationally-renowned model Rachel Faulkner plays Lulu on the new horror series Hillbilly Horror Show. Here she chats about her dual career.

The stunning full-time runway model, who has appeared in music videos by such artists as Ricky Martin and Nicky Minaj, is undoubtedly the breakout star of the web series,  which is now on DVD. She’s next to be seen in Universal’s Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube.

You do both, but what’s the first love – acting or modelling?

That’s honestly a hard question. Granted, I started out modeling, but acting has really transformed my passion as an artist. However, modeling is “my first love”, but really my love for both is even.

And has one helped the other?

Most definitely. Modeling helped me understand my body and my emotions. Modeling truly is a form of silent acting, which, in turn, has helped me tremendously with expression.

Are casting agents still a bit prejudiced to models that want to act, like in the ye old times?

Yes, they are. But that also doesn’t fully prevent me from getting booked. Many casting directors are looking for an “All-American” type of look. I think many of them understand model/actor’s managers will push them in both directions because ultimately it helps to be comfortable in front of the camera in both the acting and modeling world. You may book photoshoots because of being a great actor, and vice versa.

Has Hillbilly Horror Show helped you get in more doors?

It has. Hillbilly Horror Show was my first speaking role. It made me realize that acting was really something I enjoyed and should continue pursuing.

Are you playing a ‘Lulu’ type in Ride Along 2?

Haha. No, I am not. Although my character has a sexier side of wardrobe, you certainly won’t be seeing a Southern accent and a “kissing cousin” attitude.

How did the catering differ on Hillbilly Horror Show to Ride Along 2?

Well, let’s just say beer wasn’t provided on set for Ride Along 2. However, Ride Along 2 did have a food truck where I could order chicken quesadillas on demand.

What do you want to see on the catering table of Finding Waldo?  Put your requests in now, I say!

Anything from Trader Joes! But if you want to get specific: roasted seaweed snacks, fish, yams, and chocolate coconut water would be nice… 

Finally, what’s the latest on Waldo? when’s that happening?

We’re estimating filming this Fall/Winter, so we should be filming before you know it! I’m really excited to be working with the Hillbilly Horror Show crew again.

You can check out Rachel – and her skimpy outfits – in Hillbilly Horror Show on Vimeo.