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The Dark Knight trilogy comes out on top in latest UK survey findings

A recent survey asked superhero fans a variety of questions.

Most say that 2013 was the ‘year of the superhero’ with movie releases that included Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World – however, 2014 looks set to be another ‘year of the superhero’ with the upcoming releases of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Can all these superheroes exist together or do viewers have preferences for specific characters? Ladbrokes Games recently conducted a survey through One Poll, who asked 1000 UK residents a variety of superhero related questions.
When asked to name their favorite hero, the most popular answer was Batman (281), followed by Superman (177) and Iron Man (150).
Respondents were asked which superhero they would most like to be. Superman was the most popular choice (165) while Batman (142) and Iron Man (98) took second and third place, suggesting a lot of people would prefer wealth over superpowers.
Asked which hero (excluding Superman) was the toughest, respondents chose the Hulk as the clear favorite.
The Batmobile was chosen by 62% as the best superhero vehicle.
Given a choice between Marvel and DC, Marvel was chosen by 59%.
Spiderman's web shooters were chosen as the most popular superhero gadget.
The Dark Knight (19%) and The Dark Knight Rises (18%) beat The Avengers (15%) as the most popular movies. Oddly, Batman Begins failed to make the top 10.
Female superheroes didn't fare too well with Catwoman (22%) and Elektra (15%) voted the worst superhero movies.
However, Catwoman (17%) and Wonder Woman (16%) were the most popular choices for the superhero you'd most like to date and Wonder Woman (33%) was voted the superhero respondents most wanted to see on the big screen.
The Joker (25%) was voted the toughest villain, followed by Magneto (16%) and Bane (15%).
75% said they prefer to get their superhero through movies with only 12% preferring comics.
It's bad news for Ben Affleck as Ryan Gosling (16%) was the most popular choice for who should play Batman next, followed closely by Michael Fassbender and Jake Gyllenhaal with 13% each.
Superman's Jimmy Olsen (28%) was voted lamest sidekick, edging out Batman's Robin (26%).
The Incredible Hulk (18%) was the most over-rated superhero movie.
Asked which superheroes they would pay to see a fight between, 20% said Batman v Iron Man, 19% Wolverine v Iron Man and 18% The Hulk v Optimus Prime, with Batman, Iron Man and The Hulk the respective winners of their fights according to respondents.
Clark Kent's glasses and quiff was voted the worst superhero disguise (47%).