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TV Review - Leprechaun's Revenge

Directed by: Drew Daywalt
Starring: Billy Zane, William Devane, Courtney Halverson

After plucking a red four leaf clover in the woods, Halverson awakens a centuries old Leprechaun who is intent on stealing all the gold from the local townsfolk.
It should be made clear this bears no relation to that other Leprechaun franchise (which I can be heard discussing here), you know the one which had sequels set in space and "da hood". No this was made for the SyFy (or should that be SighFy?) channel and premiered on the night of St. Patrick's. I guess they were worried about being sued by the producers of that franchise as this creature bears little relation to the traditional idea we have of Leprechauns. He seems to be able to cause hallucinations and is a hell of a lot taller than Warwick Davis.
This feels like it was shot over a weekend, it really is horribly shot and edited but it's slightly more enjoyable than the Davis starring movies. The scriptwriter is at least in on the joke. At one point Halverson, one of those freckle free redheads who only seem to exist in the movies, utters the line "I feel like I'm in some bad monster movie." It's the most intelligent line in the whole film.
I've always had a soft spot for Zane and despite obviously phoning in his performance, himself and Devane lend this a touch of class it really doesn't deserve. The highpoint sees Zane deliver a monologue about how he lost his wife during a Black Friday sales rush.
It seems when it comes to producing quality fare, the SyFy channel lack the luck of the Irish.