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dark encounter review
A year after the mysterious disappearance of an eight-year-old girl, a small town receives a visit from aliens.

FrightFest 2019 Review - MADNESS IN THE METHOD

madness in the method review
Tired of being type-cast, actor Jason Mewes takes desperate measures to advance his career.

FrightFest 2019 Review - A SERIAL KILLER'S GUIDE TO LIFE

a serial killer's guide to life review
A meek young woman unwittingly embarks on a road trip with a serial killer.

FrightFest 2019 Review - I TRAPPED THE DEVIL

i trapped the devil review
A grieving man claims the man trapped in his basement is the Devil.

FrightFest 2019 Review - EXTRACURRICULAR

extracurricular review
Four teenage friends plan the latest in a series of murders.

FrightFest 2019 Review - THE DARK RED

the dark red review
A woman with psychic powers is targeted by a cult intent on stealing her unborn child.

FrightFest 2019 Review - FEEDBACK

feedback review
A radio show host is taken hostage and forced to confess to a past incident live on air.

Arrow Video FrightFest 2018 Review - THE DARK

the dark review
A young girl living a cannibalistic life in the woods comes to the aid of a kidnapping victim.

Arrow Video FrightFest 2018 Review - LIFECHANGER

lifechanger review
A killer forced to take over his victims' bodies attempts to connect with the woman he loves.